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Anastasia Romanova
Born August 26 1990
Tiraspol, Moldova
Nationality Moldova
Occupation European Entrepreneur
Title CEO of Cannacare and co-founder of Hemuly

Anastasia Romanova (born august 26 1990 Tiraspol, Moldova) is an European Entrepreneur, CEO of Cannacare and co-founder of Hemuly. Hemuly is a top-of-the-line cannabis cultivation brand emphasizing sustainability.[1][2]


Hemuly is founded by Anastasia Romanova and Dojcilo Scekic in 2019, Hemuly is committed to using eco-friendly operating procedures as well as 100% organic ingredients. Cultivating for some of the most popular brands in the cannabis industry, Hemuly’s cultivation techniques are not only sustainable, but it is also the industry standard. Based in California and Oklahoma, Hemuly’s indoor cultivation centers do not only emphasize eco-friendly and sustainable practices, but they also are committed to delivering the highest-quality product through innovative indoor cultivation techniques. Romanova and the Hemuly team actually created their own LED lights, Hemuly LED lights. By creating Hemuly LED, Hemuly can increase the efficiency and the yield of their crops all while preserving energy. Clearly, the Hemuly team is very committed to innovation and sustainability as they invested time and capital to create their own lights aimed at preserving energy and maintaining quality across their indoor cultivation centers.[3][4] Uniquely positioned as a female-led cannabis brand, Romanova and her fellow female immigrant co-founder of Hemuly, Dojcilo Scekic, have already disrupted the cannabis industry solely through their positions at the helm of a cannabis company in a male-dominated industry. Looking to lead other aspiring women entrepreneurs to follow in their footsteps, the duo has carefully built Cannacare to lead the cannabis market as a whole toward more sustainable practices through the brand’s special cultivation techniques.[5]

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