Anamul Hasan Shakil

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Anamul Hasan Shakil
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Bangladeshi Musical Artist
Born Anamul Hasan Shakil
01 July 2003
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Musical Artist, Public Figure
Years active 2021
Known for Musical Artist, Public Figure,Digital Creator .
Notable works Musical Artist

Anamul Hasan Shakil is a Musician, who professionally known as a Musical Artist ,Digital Creator, Public Figure. Anamul Hasan Shakil live In Dhaka Bangladesh.

Early Life

Anamul Hasan Shakil was born on 01 July 1

2003, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Destined for a multi-faceted life and career from his earliest days, Shakil started Music and Digital contant at the age of 15, encouraged by his parents.


Anamul Hasan Shakil started his career when he was 17 years old as Musical Artist . he released his 1st solo album "First Love". He made this album some music director of Bangladesh. The success of the first solo album is followed by the release two other single Track . Since then he has been working and collaborating with several artists and band groups. In April 2021, he released his first single Track an energetic and romantic song that launches his new career as a singer.

News and Media

Anamul Hasan Shakil has also some interviews in National Media like Ekushe Television - ETV, also has some interviews in National News Paper Jugantor, Shomoy TV, The Bangladesh Today, ETV also it's News Portal, and many more. In google search Anamul Hasan Shakil there has many tv news interviews and portal interviews.


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