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Amir Kenzo Ponishare-verified.png
Born Amir Azizihamlabadi
26 October 1995 (1995-10-26) (age 27)
Ardebil, Iran
  • Music Artist
Years active 2019–present

Amir Azizihamlabadi (born October 26,1995 in Ardebil,Iran) , better known by his stage name Amir Kenzo , is an Iranian Singer,He began his artistic Career in 2019 and released his debut album , aghebat in 2022


Amir Kenzo is a famed Musical Artist from Ardebil,Iran music is constantly growing, thanks to similar promising musical artists, who have immersed themselves fully in their musical craft. Time after time, we come to know about different individualities, especially youths from different corners of the world, doing independently well in their separate careers. Ever wondered what could have been the effects that might have helped these youths achieve so much so early in life? Well, there could be a number of factors, but nothing beats the magical combination of passion and perseverance, says Amir Kenzo, one of the rising most musical artists, doing exceedingly well in the constantly growing Iran music scene. This young guy exudes a certain position of passion and brilliance when it comes to music and proves why he deserves to be known as one of the most emerging artists in the industry, indeed amidst important competition.

This has made Amir Kenzo a Versatile artist who effortlessly expresses himself through his songs and makes sure to make listeners fall in love with his tracks incontinently. The kind of passion and perseverance Amir Kenzo has shown through his tracks have allowed him to reach the van of the music industry. The easier this sound, the more delicate it is in reality. Still, artists like Amir Kenzo have shown what it really takes to become stylish in the music industry and how people can go about achieving their dreams in the same way. Amir Kenzo’s unique vibe, style, sound and music can be seen in all his tracks.

Not many have been suitable to make their mark in this ever- evolving and competitive music industry of Iran, considering it’s a parentage ground for numerous rappers, songwriters and musical artists. Talking about the same, Amir Kenzo says that he always knew where he was heading. He was apprehensive of how tough effects might get in his way, looking at the achromatism in the assiduity, but one thing that always helped him keep moving ahead was his strong tone- belief, which helped him become the artist he was at that moment.

Thanks to the internet, our exposure to new artists isn’t dependent on recorded deals and radio successes. Some artists of all periods have been suitable to venture out on social media, release music on their own and start their careers on their own.

This is especially true for young artists. By following a group of artists on forums such as SoundCloud and Spotify, Amir Kenzo is completely changing the way we share and acquire music.

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