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Amber Crowley
Musical artist,

you are welcome to Amber Crowley Music.
Native name Amber Crowley
Born 5th November 1957
Montclair, New Jersey, USA
Residence 'Montclair,New Jersey, United states
Nationality American
Education Bachelor's of Arts Degree at '''Wellesley College, Wellesley ,Massachusetts, USA'''
Occupation Singer, Songwriter, Musician)
Years active 1971
Known for Singer, songwritter.
Height 5'8"
Religion Christian
Parents Yvonne Thomas Fazio

Early Life

Amber Crowley is a singer-songwriter, musician and Physician born on November 5, 1957, in northern New Jersey. She is now living with her husband Steve in Naples, Florida, where Amber Crowley dedicates herself to performing, songwriting, recording, singing and playing keyboard, 12 string guitar, ukulele and harmonica at community concerts, festivals and non profit charity events. She is an active Live Stream Performer with weekly on line shows and original music videos on Facebook, You Tube, Instagram and TikTok. Amber Crowley also serves the community for over 20 years an an Emergency Physician. Wellness and Healing has been the inspiration for many of Amber Crowley’s songs.


Amber Crowley started performing as a young guitar-playing folk singer in New Jersey. If Bob Dyland and Joni Mitchell has a daughter, she would sound like Amber Crowley. Crowley started singing and playing guitar as a child, performing for family and her community TV and local venues. In High School she continued her music as part of the Folk Group “Sunshine Incorporated”. She continued to play music in college at coffee houses, local venues, and fairs. She has a lifetime commitment to support Non Profit Organizations through her music. Through her music she has raised money by performing at hundreds of shows for Special Olympics, ALS, Habitat for Humanity, Hospice and American Cancer Society, among many others. Say “Ahh”. Amber divides her time between careers in Medicine and Music. Amber Graduated from Wellesley College with a BA in Biology and University of Massachusetts Medical School. She went on to study Emergency Medicine at Yale New Haven University Residency Program. She is a Board Certified Emergency Physician with an over 20 year career, including the front lines of Covid Pandemic. Like a musical Hug, Crowley’s message is Warm and Positive. Her Lyrics encourage healing and recovery from anxiety, depression, pain, and addiction. “I feel better” is often heard after listening to her comforting and supportive songs like “You’re Gonna Be OK’ and “I’m Getting Strong”. Amber Crowley’s message is Good Vibe Music, with Uplifting songs about Kindness, Peace and Wellness.


“Amber Crowley is an amazing singer, songwriter, and musician but most of all Amber is a very special lady. Amber is a frontline healthcare worker but she still finds time to sing and write songs. Amber’s beautiful music uplifts and inspires so many people including me. Amber’s Tiki Tuesday Livestream is so much fun she has everyone smiling, dancing and in a good mood.” Mike Alford, Administrator of Periscope Group Facebook.

“Amber's original music brings happiness and hope to many in times of need. Just follow the rainbow to the pot of gold and Amber will be there singing of love, positivity and unity for the world.” Mike Manley, Administrator of Giving Gigs Group Facebook.


Albums: Amber Waves 2020. Mother Earth 2020

Circle of Love 2021. Gift of Song 2021.


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