Aliur Rahman

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Aliur Rahman

Photo of Aliur Rahman
Native name অলিউর রহমান
Born 10 October, 1997
Habiganj, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Musician
Known for Music

Aliur Rahman is a Bangladeshi Musical Artist & Actor.

Early Life

Aliur Rahman was born on 10 October , 1997 in a village of Habiganj , Bangladesh. His father's name is Khalilur Rahman & mother's name is Sheli Begum. Currently he's living in Baniachong Upazila with his 7 family members.


He has completed his primary education from Mir moholla Govt. Primary School in 2008. He has passed JSC from Baniachong Adarsha High School in 2011. He has passed SSC in 2014. He has passed HSC from Jalalabad college,Sylhet in 2016.Now he is studying in Brindaban Govt. Collage Habiganj for completing BSS.


He has been dreaming of becoming a singer since he was a child. He started singing a little bit from his childhood.His Uncle was the first music teacher of his life.He(Aliur's uncle) always inspire him to singing song.Because he (Aliur's uncle) saw a big talent on his voice.So he insisted on teaching his songs.


Apart from music, he has many hobbies. Traveling is one of them.He is a biker also.He has many blog about travelling on his YouTube channel. He travels a lot of place all over the country by bike.He wants to travel all over the world.


Aliur wants to make people happy through his songs. So that,he wants to be good singer in his country.