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Aline Marie Massel is a former German beauty queen. She served as Miss Germany International in 2014.[1][2][3]

Massel came to public attention again, in 2017, when she sued Robert Charles Gibbins, a New York City hedge fund manager, with whom she had engaged in a two year sexual liaison, for $15 million.[1][2]

Massel said that she met Gibbins, in 2014. Early in their affair, Gibbins had promised to divorce his wife, and marry her, father children, and give her an Ostrich farm in Uganda, and an estate in Canada.[1][2] He not only did none of these things, he gave her HPV a sexually transmitted disease, and pressured her to have an abortion.

Massel said that when she first met Gibbins he had claimed to be single, and it was only several weeks into their affair that she learned he was married, when his wife texted her, "You are not the first and will not be the last."’’.[1][2]

Not only did Gibbins not disclose bearing HPV, he insisted on sex without a condom, and that, later in their affair, when she became pregnant, in July 2015, he pressured her to have an abortion, stating he "he would not be there for her in any respect if she chose to keep the baby.”[1][2]

Massel described receiving additional contact from Gibbins's wife, when she was pregnant, including a text saying "Have the baby if you want it so much. I cannot wait to see you getting fat and ugly." Massel said Gibbins wife phoned her, and directed her son to "Speak to daddy’s girlfriend".

Massel claimed that, after she got pregnant, she believed Gibbins had her followed, because he feared she would reveal incriminating details of his attempts to use a Ukrainian bank for money laundering.

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