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Ali Beauty Shop

It is a cosmetics and makeup business that was established in May 2005 in Al-Kadhimiya, Baghdad and is an exclusive agent for Huda Beauty Brand products in Iraq.


Ali Beauty shop established in Al-Kadhimiya, Baghdad in May 2005 as a small project to sell care products of various brands. At the time the sale system was based on the knowledge of people surrounding the business. Small scale business was operated for several years until a subsidiary of the project was established in Amman, Jordan. The presence of branch at Amman made it possible to operate internationally with better agencies on large scale resulted in the business started to incline. In 2012, Ali Beauty shop project gained recognition after it contracted with more than one blocker, including Mina Al-Sheikhly, with whom business continues to this day. In the meantime, another company was established in Mansour, Egypt to facilitate wholesales business. Ali Beauty became an exclusive agent for Huda Beauty Brand products in Iraq, in 2017, after which a third branch was opened in Baghdad / Mansour.


Following are the owned branches till date:

  • Al-Mansour, Princesses Street / Siham Al-Obeidi Street / adjacent to the Kozal Salon Baghdad / Iraq
  • Al-Kadhimiya, adjacent to the Nahrain College of Law
  • Amman, Jordan


Ali Beauty is dealing with the following agencies till date:

  • Huda beauty
  • Nora No Awadh
  • REVITALASH Cosmetics
  • Toulane
  • Organic
  • Ulta 3
  • The benefit
  • Oramana
  • Samer khouzami
  • GlamGlow
  • OFRA cosmetics
  • Zuria cosmetics
  • Nars Cosmetics
  • Makeup forever
  • Hair burst
  • Sugar bear
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • DERMA doctor

Best Selling Products

  • Power Bullet Matt By Huda Beauty Nude Anniver-Sary Matte Lipstick.
  • Khaki Eyeshadow Palette By Huda Beauty.
  • Newty Nude Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette.
  • Fauxfilter Foundation Huda Beauty Is A Soft Liquid Foundation That Works To Hide Imperfections, Blemishes And Pigmentation And Gives A Smooth Appearance To The Skin.
  • Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde
  • Power Bolt Matte Lipstick From Huda Beauty.
  • Neon Pink Obsessions Palette Huda Beauty. Neon Pressed Pigment Palette.
  • Sand Hayes Obsession From Huda Beauty.
  • Huda Beauty Power Bullet Matte Lipstick, Masoue-Rade.
  • Mascara From Huda Beauty Features Two Brushes And Two Formulas Designed To Create Perfect Eyelashes
  • Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Double-Ended Volumizing And Lengthening Mascara
  • Sugarbearhair Vitamins By Sugarbear
  • Ulta3 Faves Pack By Ulta3
  • Rainbow Nail Pack By Ulta3
  • Second Skin Starter Set - Deep Tan By Ulta3
  • Body Scrub Cream By Zuria Cosmetics
  • Face Moisturizer By Zuria Cosmetics
  • Facial Cleanser By Zuria Cosmetics
  • Facial Mud Mask By Zuria Cosmetics

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