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Picture of Alfonso Cahero
Born 06 December 1980
Mexico, City
Residence United States, America
Nationality American
Education University of London
Occupation Entrepreneur


Alfonso Cahero In 2003, he founded Cahero Capital and Cahero Construction through which he started funding large-scale and large-impact projects. In 2009, he also founded Cahero Real Estate expanding the construction infrastructure. Alfonso Cahero became a successful international financier, as he formed companies around the world. He became the Chairman and Founder of Cahero Holding in 2013, a conglomerate of companies with a global presence in a wide range of technology and infrastructure industries. All his companies were consolidated under Cahero Holding which now has its headquarters in Dubai and offices in Monaco, Miami, and Mexico. In his new book, Dr. Cahero identifies the fears that commonly prevent entrepreneurs from moving forward—fears of failure, of the unknown, of the expectations of others, and the artificial limitations of the past. Through research, purposeful practice, and conversations with other leaders, he shares a framework readers can use to defeat those fears and live in a more coherent and fearless way. His new book equips readers with a mindset to push past the fears that may be limiting their ability to live fully and well.


Alfonso Cahero is an internationally recognized mogul, Professional in, Finance, Construction, and Real Estate Developments Industries. In 2022 Cahero Holding will develop the world's biggest Mega Shipyard for cruiser construction, remodeling, and maintenance in Mexico. Cahero Capital will structure funding for 500 plus million dollars, and Cahero Construction will act as a general contractor for this ambitious project. Alfonso Cahero is the Chairman & Founder of Cahero Holding. He has a Ph.D. in Economics and Finance specializing in Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law, a Specialization in Financial Technology, and a Ph.D. in Architecture and Engineering.


Alfonso Cahero received his bachelor’s degree from the University of London, his master’s degree in Finance (MSc Fin.) from the Rome Business School, and his doctorate in Economics and Finance (Ph.D. Eco & Fin.) at Charles University in Prague. He did his specialty in Financial Technology (Sp. Fintech) at Harvard VPAL.