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Aliases Alexa
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Alexis is a fictional human protagonist who appeared in two Transformers animated series, Transformers: Armada and Transformers: Energon, and a small cameo in Transformers: Cybertron.


Unicron Trilogy

Transformers: Armada

Alexis (Alexa in Japanese, last name not given), befriended her best friends Rad and Carlos when they activated the first of many dormant Mini-Cons on Earth, the Street Action Team, as Megatron and Optimus Prime's forces arrived on Earth. This led to their alliance with Optimus and the Autobots, as they frequently helped them on missions, teaching them the ways of Earth. Unfortunately, they were unable to keep their friendship with the Autobots a secret from the local bullies, Billy and Fred (Jim), but the two boys quickly softened and became friends with the trio, as they too became Autobot allies. An encounter with Sideways in cyberspace gave the kids their first glimpse of the world-devourer Unicron.

Alexis' most significant role in the series came when Decepticon traitor Starscream joined the Autobots, they all became friends with him, even though Starscream himself could scarcely believe it. Alexis would bond the most with him, even crafting a portion of a rock he brought them back from Mars into a pendant.

After some protestations that were quelled by Perceptor, all five kids accompanied the Autobots to Cybertron when the Decepticons fled Earth with the Mini-Con weapons, and once on the planet, they were sent drifting through time and discovered that they had always played a role in the development of the Mini-Cons, and that their coming to Earth had been predestined. Starscream's subsequent death hits Alexis hard, driving her into a brief depression, and when the children were absorbed by Unicron, Rad was able to use his connection to High Wire through Unicron's communal mind to free the Mini-Cons from his thrall.

Whether Alexis and Starscream's relationship was platonic or romantic is never made clear, though Transformers fans have often speculated on the latter given the rarity of a female human/Transformer or even a human/Decepticon relationship of its type.

Alexis plays less of a role in the Transformers: Armada comic strip published by Dreamwave, outside of the initial five part mini-series. Her biggest role at one point was simply witnessing her friend Rad be launched into space along with every known Mini-Con towards the moon base established by the Mini-Con Destruction Team. She is amongst Rad and Carlos when The Autobots depart for Cybertron at the conclusion of the Armada storylines.


Alexis returned alongside Rad and Carlos during the events of "Transformers: Energon", set ten years after the events of Armada, Alexis is now an acting government agent, but her role does not extend beyond a few supporting roles and cameos. Nothing is made of her previous past with the TF, and even when Starscream returns to the fold, the two never meet.

In the "Energon" comic series from Dreamwave, Alexis is a human rights activist who assists Kicker in eluding The Decepticons and delivers him to The Autobots, reuniting with Rad in the process. During a citywide protest against the Transformers, she and Rad have a brief falling out over their opinions on the public outcry, as Rad explodes with anger despite Alexis trying to put her point across calmly. Rad apologises to Alexis shortly after she prepares to depart, but when The Decepticon Battle Ravages lay waste to the city, Alexis is briefly believed to have been caught in a devastating explosion by Rad, only to appear alive and well behind him. Relieved, Rad embraced Alexis.

The two were implied to be fond of one another, but the DW title ceased publication before this could be resolved.


Alexis makes a cameo alongside Carlos and Rad in the final episode of Transformers: Cybertron, as she is seen waving goodbye to the Autobots as they leave Earth on a mission to create a new Space Bridge. This scene was animated exclusively for the English version of the episode to cement it's ties to the previous series, since the Japanese version of the series, Galaxy Force was initially not considered to be in continuity with them (although this has since been retconned).


Transformers Animated: The AllSpark Almanac II featured an alternative version of Alexis who was apparently running for the office of President of Earth.