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Alexandra Gardiner Goelet is a member of the prominent Gardiner family, of Long Island, New York, which received a royal grant to Gardiners Island in 1639.[1] Her mother Alexandra Creel Goelet has been the sole owner of the Island since the death of her uncle Robert David Lion Gardiner in 2004. Alexandra Gardiner Goelet, and her younger brother Robert Gardiner Goelet will inherit the island, if their mother's will follows family tradition, that the Island should be inherited by a descendant of the Gardiner family.


  1. John Rather (2004-09-05). "Debating the Future Of Gardiners Island". The New York Times: p. LI14. Retrieved 2020-09-17. "Mrs. Goelet, 64, and Mr. Goelet, 80, have two children. Their daughter, Alexandra Gardiner Goelet, 27, is traveling in Australia and recently completed a wildlife management project on the habitat of the koala bear. Their son, Robert Gardiner Goelet, 25, is a project manager for the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and lives in Manhattan."