Airwave (Aligned continuity family)

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Aligned continuity family

Transformers character
Name Airwave
Series Aligned continuity family
Alternate modes Cybertronian Fighter Jet
Function Commander
Motto How do you not see it? How is it not clear? They left us behind.
Partner Firestar
Sub-group Aerialbots

IDW Aligned comics

Airwave was one of many Autobots imprisoned by Shockwave. Although he made his escape in the chaos that followed the Dinobots escape from the Decepticon's facility, what he saw of Grimlock and his men made a bad, bad first impression. As a consequence, he made it clear to Grimlock that his outpost of Last Spark neither desired nor would tolerate any interaction with the Dinobots. After his people started being killed by an unknown predator, however, he grudgingly agreed to Firestar's request to allow Sludge and Snarl to help investigate. After Sludge, Snarl and Firestar returned to Last Spark to discover that some of the bodies there had been drained of Energon before any attacks were even recorded, they realized the killer must have been someone already living in the town. Airwave, entering the crypt, scoffed at the whole idea...until Sludge suddenly realized the evidence they'd collected pointed at Airwave himself as the killer. Exposed, he struck down Firestar from behind and made his escape in jet mode, rallying the unsuspecting inhabitants of Last Spark to attack the Dinobots by falsely proclaiming them the killers. He then returned to the fight, firing indiscriminately into the crowd. Sludge was able to bring him down from the sky, but the fully-charged Airwave was more than a match for him even on the ground. Airwave declared to the battered Sludge that the planet was dying, that there was no escape, and that the only thing that mattered was who survived the longest. Just before he could deliver the coup de grace, however, he was cut in half by Firestar. A short time later, Snarl tossed Airwave's carcass on a Last Spark scrap pile.