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Picture of Ahnaf Ul Haq Abid
Native name আহনাফ উল হক আবিদ
Born 19th November 2006
Jamalpur District
Residence Dhaka
Nationality Bangladeshi
Known for Music Artist
Notable works FLUTE, Midnight(feat.Xayed)
Height 5 Feet 11 Inch

Ahnaf ul haq Abid Verified.png known as Naful by professional name, is a Bangladeshi Lo-fi Maker, Content Creator, Musical Artist. He was born in Jamalpur district, now He lives in Dhaka. Naful first made his debut on 29/01/2022 with his sound trap FLUTE. Midnight(feat.Xayed) by Naful is one of the 1st Lo-fi beats of the country (without remix). Naful represent the genres of Soundtrap, Lo-fi, Slowed beats. Naful is also one of the 1st Lo-fi maker of the country. (Without remix).

Professional Career

Naful started his journey in music in 2019. In past his artist name was Nafulixer. Before that he used to upload content on his Channel Abid & Sajid(2017-2018) he changed the name of that channel to Abid Production(2018-2019). Now the channel name is Naful, He first uploaded his trap Baxhi(FLUTE) in youtube on 14 Oct 2021. He 1st distributed his trap Baxhi by the name of FLUTE. It was his very first distributed music. His 2nd trap Midnight(feat.Xayed) Is one the 1st Lo-fi of Bangladesh without any remix or lyrics. . Newborn his very 1st album is set to release soon.Naful is so much passionate about Photography, Videography, Animation that he never stops doing that. He also has his own videography studio known by Nafulixer Studios. Overall by his creative music, sound traps & Lo-fi makes him a great artist.

Social Media Profiles

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