Ahmed Rashid Mohammed AL Mutawa

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Ahmed Rashid Mohammed AL Mutawa

Ahmed Rashid Mohammed AL Mutawa (Arabic: احمد راشد محمد المطوع; born May 26, 1986) is an Emarati business magnate, national and international investor. Ahmed Rashid AL Mutawais a Dubai-based entrepreneur. Holding a degree from Melbourne Australia has helped him learn the diversity of international trade. He is a multitasking individual working as an international investor, oil and gas, contractor and in real estate. He has been successful in the vast majority fields due to his dedication and commitment. Ahmed Rashid AL Mutawa is also a poet, writing poems for the local newspapers and magazines and government media.

Early life and Family

Ahmed Rashid was born in Dubai, UAE on May 26, 1986. He is the son of His Excellency Rashid Mohammed AL Mutawa. His father is a prominent engineer and investor whooccupied many exalted positions in the government. He is an eminent philanthropist who is highly dedicated to the public and charitable work.

Since his early childhood, Ahmed Rashid showed matchless ingenuity and astute agility that his father used to accompany him to the royal and the country statesmen gatherings (Majlis: مجلس). The Sheikhs of the UAE, the Nobles and the Worthy Businessmen who used to attend such gatherings admired the child’s potentials and fluency.

Ahmed belongs to the third generation of Al Mutawa family that has been leading the besinessand investment sectors. for his very special abilities and skills in many different fields as his smartness and caliber contribute to his father prosperity.

He is currently

Chairman - Global Investment Group Vice Chairman - Dana Group of Companies CEO - Dana Real Estate Board member and Director of international investments - ADA Global

Ahmed Rashid in brief

Born:- 26 May 1986 Relations:- single Father:- His Excellency Engineer Rashid Mohammed AL Mutawa Mother:- Mouza ALNuaimi Religion:- Islam - Sunni

Business career

Ahmed Rashid AL Mutawa has been responsible for creation and growth of a number of businesses in UAE. After completing his graduation he headed back to the UAE to gain experience be a part of his father 'His Excellency Rashid Mohammed AL Mutawa ' company 'Dana Group of Companies '. Due to his hard work, dedication and perseverance he currently holds the title of CEO of the Dana Real Estate company and is a board member of Dana Group of Companies. He also holds an interest in oil and gas which made him take a risk to successfully invest in the business. He developed a number of business in the field of interior design & landscape, logistics IT solutions and home security.


Ahmed Rashid Mohammed Rashid AL Mutawa as an international investor his key interest lies in making new connections and traveling. He has traveled extensively over the globe due to his work commitments which had lead him to develop a keen interest in meeting new people. He is also passionate about writing poetry. Poetry writing helps him to capture a moment and his fleeting thoughts. His poetry work has been published by local newspaper and magazines. His Social status and family connections with the Royal family, helps him interact with people from all walks of life.