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Adrastus Lobbying Firm which is a firm based in 287 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10010 serves people with Bi-Partisan Lobbying. It provides Advisory Services for Associations, Assets Manager and Organizations. It is being delivered World Wide. Strategies Support to counsel and government affairs for measuring, capitalizing the risk and managing is provided by this firm

Headquarters : New York, NY

No. of offices : 10 worldwide

No. of employees: 48

Major Practice: General Practice areas

Key people: Robert BerTran (Chairperson) , Mark Johnson (CEO)

Date Founded : May 13, 2012

Founder: Robert BerTran

Their Services

Government & Lobbying Relations

Top rated bipartisan federal and state government affairs team leveraging decades of political experience to prepare and execute holistic lobbying strategies that achieve client results.

Global Business Advisory

They have the experience which you need for analyzing your domestic or global supply chains. They have business strategies that bring efficiencies and eliminate redundancy. You will have favorable policies and reduced costs

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Advisory

They have a team that negotiated over millions of dollars in some previous time and help in the identification and negotiation of the state and local incentives and help you grow

Policy Accountability

They assure that your policies come into action by experts of their team and will craft a custom policy accountability report to show your leadership, the consumers, or the media that you are turning your rhetoric into results.

Global Workforce Practice

They make sure that corporate and skilled work visas are delivered from a hi tech workers to engineers and C Suite workers also. This should be delivered in a timely mannered. All the immigration and workforce needs are met by our workforce experts.

Due Diligence & Research They want to help you by polling to white papers, to political forecasting and data analytics and more. Their Due Diligence and experts provide strategic insight and tools which help in navigating the intersection between the business and policy.

Their Advocacy Approach includes the following

1. Engaging with Congress, and the most senior officials within the executive branch, federal agencies, governors, and state agencies;

2. Facilitating conversations for clients’ executives and board members to have directly with policymakers and their staffs;

3. Formulating legislative strategies, policy positioning, and messaging development with custom-tailored media, grassroots, and mobilization support components;

4. Drafting and introducing legislation;

5. Working with agencies like the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) to understand potential impacts;

6. Combining political intelligence and analysis into actionable insights;

7. Monitoring legislative and regulatory developments in real-time;

8. Creating and managing coalitions around likeminded policy issues as well as performing support and relevance auditing of any coalitions or other groups of which clients are a member;

9. Trade association management including direct member advisement and problem solving support, Political Action Committee (PAC) development and management, as well as full fly-in planning, support, and assistance with high profile keynote speakers.