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Adel L. Nakhla (Arabic عادل نخلة) (also known as Abu Hamid) was an Egyptian American civilian translator employed by the private military contractor Titan Corporation.[1][2][3]

He was assigned to the 205th Military Intelligence Brigade at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.[1][4] Nakhla acknowledges being present during the abuse inflicted on captives, during the night shift, at the hard site. He is present in some of the photos taken.

Titan terminated Nakhla when they learned that the US Justice Department was initiating an investigation.

Nakhla was terminated from the job, after he admitted he held down inmates that were "nude, handcuffed to each other and placed in sexual positions." (Source: Taguba Report). Nakhla was questioned about the treatment of several detainees accused of rape and quotes him as saying that "two Army sergeants made the prisoners, who were naked, do "strange exercises" and then "started to stack them on top of each other" after handcuffing them and shackling their legs.

Former Abu Ghraib captives initiated a civil suit against Nakhla, two other civilian interrogators, Steven Stefanowicz and John Israel, and their employers, Titan and CACI.[2] Saddam Saleh Aboud, one of the former captives, claims he was tortured. According to the suit: "Mr. Aboud is able to identify one of the individuals who was involved in his torture at Abu Ghraib as Adel Nakhla, also known as Abu Hamid."

Contrary to earlier erroneous press reports, Nakhla's attorney was Adam L. Rosman of the law firm Zuckerman Spaeder LLP.[1]


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