Achena Shahar

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Achena Shahar
Achena Shahar.jpeg
Directed by Abhijit Ashok Paul
Produced by Abhifx Studio
Screenplay by Abhijit Ashok Paul
Based on Bumper Offer 
by Jaya Ravindra
Starring Pranab Kr Nath
Nisha Deb
Music by Rupam Roy
Release dates
  • 10 October 2021 (2021-10-10) (Agartala)
Country India
Language Bengali

Achena Shahar is a 2021 Bengali short film[1]. It was directed by Abhijit Ashok Paul (Abhijit Paul) and produced under the banner of Abhifx Studio[2]. Cast: Pranab Kr Nath, Nisha Deb. This film is Abhifx Studio cinematic debut[3].



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