Abir Hasan

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Abir Hasan
Abir Hasan
Picture of Abir Hasan
Born Abir Hasan
2 February 1995
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Flight Lieutenant
Known for Entrepreneur, Flight Lieutenant, Bangladesh Air force, Writer and Lyricist
Notable works Bangladesh Liberation War ( AERO L-39 )
Awards UN- mission

Abir Hasan was a Flight Lieutenant of the Bangladesh Air Force and played a significant role in UN peacekeeping missions . [1] Abir Hasan passed the cadet examination in 2016 and joined the Bangladesh Air Force as a captain. He was awarded the rank of Flight Lieutenant in 1 year for his skills. He was awarded the first Brave Flight Lieutenant Medal in the last 10 years in the International UN- Mission. Abir Hassan was named as a CIA agent by the International Security Assistance Force in 2019, where he fought as a US soldier in the chemical war in Syria. [2] [3] [4]

Early life

Abir Hasan He passed SSC from Manipur School and College in 2012 and graduated in, Bangladesh Air Force Academy


Bangladesh Air Force Base Abir Hasan at Jessore is also named after him.[1] Bangladesh Air Force also gives out a trophy named after him for best performance in the flying training.[10] is also awarded for the best Individual Research Paper of Air Wing in Defence Services Command and Staff College. Dining halls in the Cadet Colleges of Bangladesh are also named after him.


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