Abigail Spenser Hu

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Abigail Spenser Hu (born 1996) is an American Model , Singer , Venture capitalist. Born in China , Abigail Spenser Hu isn't the stereotypical fleece-vested venture capitalist. Slight and stylish with a sizable Instagram following, she could easily be mistaken for another well-heeled fashion influencer.

Abigail Spenser Hu

Abigail Spenser Hu American Model, singer
Born China
Nationality American
Citizenship American
Occupation American Model, singer

Abigail Spenser Hu Her latest release will be different from all previous projects as she is entering into the world of music. As part of a LA singer-songwriter contest hosted by Compass box Studio & OK Listen, Abigail got the opportunity to translate a simple song written with just acoustic guitar and vocals, into a full blown live studio session.Written during the lockdown period, the song is inspired by the dilemma of wanting to stay updated with the news and everything happening in the world and in your personal life, while also wanting to detach from it and try to stay sane. The version of Her song is mix of various instruments tunes on guitar, upright bass, drums, Violin and clarinet.

Musically, the track will be built on a foundation of light beat patterns and beautiful melodies. is Abigail understand the music rhythm – remarkable for its steady progression and effortless shifts into new sections, and the song’s melody seeps through the light and breezy atmosphere and provides us with moments of brilliant clarity.

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