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Abdur Rahman Bikash (professionally known as The A.R.B.) is Bangladeshi future contracted BCWF wrestler, Cyber security researcher, YouTuber and Blogger. He is a blogger in largest tech community and tuning website of Bangladesh, Techtunes. His most contents are based on technology. He has Born in Gazipur . He research about hacking and spamming. He was the creator and the administrator of "Bangladesh Elite Hackers". He is also a graphics designer. "John Cena" follows Abdur Rahman Bikash "The A.R.B." on Twitter.
Abdur Rahman Bikash "The A.R.B."

Abdur Rahman Bikash "The A.R.B."
Born Bikash
Mouchak, Gazipur, Bangladesh
Residence Ayas Market, Mouchak, Gazipur, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Other names Bikash, The A.R.B.
Occupation Cyber security researcher, Youtuber, Blogger, BCWF contracted wrestler
Known for Online security researching
Notable works Found vulnerability in Sony, Panasonic, AXIS, Toshiba and Google translate.
Home town Gazipur
Height 5 ft 5 in (165.09 cm)
Awards KNMA Scouting Award

Early Life

He studied his primary and high school education in 3 schools. He study class 1 in Adarsha school narayanganj, class 2-3 in Mouchak scout school and college, 4-6 in Korimon Nessa Memorial Academy and 7-now is on Mouchak scout school and college again. He achieved award in Korimon Nessa Memorial Academy for displaying major scouting.

Interview of The A.R.B. , as hacker: Interview of The A.R.B.


He is a student now and also he is online security researcher and admin at Bangladesh Elite Hackers. Also he will be upcoming BCWF pro wrestler.

He has planned to make him carrier on New York, USA. But also he wants to make his carrier in wrestling at BCWF.

Notable Works

The A.R.B. has did many amazing notable activity's in his life. He help peoples in technology problems. His one of the greatest work is he has found the vulnerability of "Google Translate"

Reference: 'Google translate' এর দুর্বলতা বের করেছে "The A.R.B."

There's more, he has also found vulnerability of many CCTV camera's of famous company's, like: Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Mobotix and AXIS. The A.R.B. can watch random IP Camera's of these company's silently by hacking it.

He has found a vulnerability name "Open Redirection" in Bangladesh National Portal.

He has also hacked (not defaced) Indira Gandhi National Tribal University's admission website. IGNTU's admission site hacked by The A.R.B., He has email about the vulnerability to the IGNTU's admission site authority.

He has found the SQLi vulnerability in Pakistan Cricket Board site.

Daily pakistan website database hacked by The A.R.B. (not defaced)

Radius Manager Database Hacked by, The A.R.B., but he left that and haven't did any change or anything.

Though he has hacked many websites and more, he hasn't did anything bad with those and if he can, he has also told to the authority to fix their security. He's a ethical hacker.

He has gave a important video about online game players, How can you secure your online games, by The A.R.B.

The most interesting and notable thing is "John Cena" has followed "The A.R.B." on twitter. So we can guess that how famous and notable The A.R.B. is.

Personal Life

Bikash is a ethical hacker. He helps peoples who are in trouble with technology problems.

His youtube channel name is on his name "Abdur Rahman Bikash"

He upload his special activity's like travels, IT releated videos, adventures, fun etc....

The A.R.B. Likes to : travel, eating, Photography, Gaming

Personal skills: White hat hacking, English writing and speaking, Gaming

Father's name: Labu mia Lablu

Mother's name: Anowara begum Laboni

Brother: Abir Hasan Aakash

Abdur Rahman Bikash "The A.R.B."
Abdur Rahman Bikash "The A.R.B."
Abdur Rahman Bikash "The A.R.B."
Abdur Rahman Bikash "The A.R.B."


Abdur Rahman Bikash "The A.R.B."
Abdur Rahman Bikash "The A.R.B." is with his elder brother Abir hasan Aakash at Bangabandhu safari park
Abdur Rahman Bikash "The A.R.B." poster
Abdur Rahman Bikash "The A.R.B." motivation photo
Abdur Rahman Bikash "The A.R.B." in leisure time
Abdur Rahman Bikash "The A.R.B." style pos