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Native name Shafin
Born 05 February, 1982
Savar, Dhaka , Bangladesh
Residence Narayangonj, Bangladesh.
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Nakhalpara Hossain Ali High School (SSC 1996)
Tejgoan Collage (HSC 1998)

Ponnonir Onlilne Shopping
C.E.O : ponnonir.com

Years active

2022 - present

Known for Designer
Home town Sirajgonj, Bangladesh
Height (5 ft 6 in)"


"Abdullah Al Shafi" Born on 05 February 1982 in Rajshahi Division Sirajgonj District and he moved to Dhaka district with his parents as a child. From 1986 he started his education career In Nakhalpara Hossain Ali School. In 1996 he participated in the SSC. In 1998 he cleared the HHC exam. Abdullah Al Shafi Most of the time is busy doing something new. You mostly like to Design and try new things. He attaches great importance to his birthplace and loves all his family members. He has total 3 members in his family. Abdullah Al Shafi in Rajshahi but lives in Dhaka. He is cheerful and likes to enjoy more. He thinks it is important to be happy in life He doesn't think it's the most important thing to obey God. He thinks getting along with everyone is important. Abdullah Al Shafi Facebook and Instagram are the most used websites.

He wants to have a life named after him in the future. He likes to drive that car. He likes to watch cartoons and movies to pass the time.

Marital status

Abdullah Al Shafi Married 👰 Razia Sultana Happy' on 5 Spetember, 2011. In his family, he has two brothers along with parents and there are 7 members in the family..He currently resides in Bogra. ...all information thanks

Early Life

Abdulla Al Shafi is a Graphics Designer. Currently he is a C.E.O and Founder of PONNONIR (Online Shopping) Link ; https://en.wikialpha.org/wiki/Ponnonir

Working Experience

System Engineer Computer Automation & Technical Support (CATS) (1996 - 1999)

Graphics Designer Sishent Multinet & Engineering (1999 - 2001)

Graphics Designer The Annolik (2001 - 2005)

Graphics Designer ONE ZONE (2005 - 2011)


Abdullah Al Shafi His first sign is that he wants to become a good person at the end of his life. He create e-commerce website Ponnonir https://Ponnonir.com . He wants to do something big in life and he will open e-commerce website for his business in future. His desire is to give a brand. One day Bangladesh will be famous for the brand given by him.He wants to do well in his career by working hard.

OWN Business

PONNONIR E-Commerce Businesss . Online Shopping website. Link: https://ponnonie.com

Personal Life

Abdullah Al Shafi. He can design graphics. He can do photography. Likes to travel more.


Father : Sarowar Hossain

Mother : Momtaj Baghum

Sister's: Salma Sultana Helen & Aysha Siddika

Social Account

Abdullah Al Shafi

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shafin

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/al.shafin

Twitter : https://twitter.com/shafin017

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abdullah-al-shafi-43323071/

Contact Information

Abdullah Al Shafi E-Mail : [email protected] Business : [email protected]