Abdul Qadir Hijran

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Abdul Qadir Hijran
Born 1992 (age 28–29)
Nationality Afghanistan

Abdul Qadir Hijran is an Afghan who claimed he was captured by Americans in 2011, and remained in extrajudicial detention from then until the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, in August 2021, freed him.[1]

According to Xinhua, Hijran described being captured in 2011, when he admits he was fighting American forces.[1] He describes spending 22 months imprisoned in Kandahar, another two years in the notorious former Soviet prison Pul-e-Charkhi, before finally being transferred to the Bagram prison.

He says Americans tortured him in Bagram.[1] The conditions he describes in Bagram are consistent with how American held captive in Bagram, during the 2001-2009 period. The original Bagram prison was built inside large Soviet era hangars on the Bagram airport. Captives were held in improvised mass cells there. However, the Americans built a replacement prison, nearby, called Parwan, that they agreed would be under Afghan administration. They new prison was built with small cells, with solid walls, intended for one or two captives.

Hijran described being tortured by having his wrists shackled to the ceiling - a standard technique Americans used during the 2001-2009 period.[1] Hijran claimed some disraught captives killed themselves by "eating razors".


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