Aappaa Chengrizi

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Aappaa Chengrizi

Photos of Aappaa Chengrizi
Native name आप्पा चेंग्रिजी
Born 23 December, 1990
West Bengal, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Producer, Actor & Musician.
Known for Movies & Musics.
Height 5'8"

Aappaa Chengrizi, an international film producer, writer, and music creator, rose to fame with his unique perspectives in the field of arts. Hailing from humble background Aappaa’s passion for storytelling and music grew with time. He was able to drag the attention globally in the international scene with his incredible short movies.

Early Life

Born on 23rd December 1990, Aappaa Chengrizi grew up in a small town in the beautiful state of West Bengal, India. At an early age, he showed great promise as his creativity shone through almost every task he took. This was long before he made a mark in the field of writing and music creation.  “Aappaa Chengrizi is a unique individual with multiple talents and has never left any opportunity when it comes to the time of showcasing them.


In the field of music his next big venture comes with the song 'Kare Mora Piya', where he will be seen both as a singer and music composer, marking his entry into India’s most popular entertainment platform, the Bollywood Music Industry.


Aappaa Chengrizi's career took off as an international producer when he began making movies in the year 2011. Some of his most notable flicks were Die Cody Die (2011), Bury the sky (2012), The Hobo and the clown (2013), Follow (2013), Massacre at Femur Creek (2014), and Infirmity (2016). Aappaa’s title as a producer was cemented after the success of these movies spread to the international box office. 


Today, Aappaa Chengrizi’s book named "Misunderstanding Buddhism" gives another title as a Writer. The book is an exposér on a topic that he covered many years back and will be available shortly on a digital platform through Amazon.


Aappaa Chengrizi is an Indian origin Filmmaker, Producer, and Musical Artist. His talent and love for entertainment have driven the cause behind his success. He continues to work hard to give back to the fans that have supported him so far.