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AAG ROC Ponishare-verified.png

AAG ROC is a American Musician.
Native name Rodney Atkinson jr
Born 1992 May 07 (07-05-1992) (age 2014)
Goldsboro NC,USA
Residence Goldsboro NC, 212 east holly street
Nationality American
Education No Education
Years active 3 years active
Known for Hip hop music
Home town Goldsboro NC,USA
Height 5’9,


I go by the name of AAG Roc...that's "AINT A GAME"... a label name my cousin came up with when we started doing music. I'm from Goldsboro NC; I grew up in public housing with one brother and two sisters, watching our mom and dad struggle to make ends meet. I started writing music at the age of 16, all my close friends was doing it. One day we was chilling in the studio, and I decided to give it a try; it wasn't bad for the first time so I kept doing it. As I got older the struggle continued. Listening to my favorite rapper Boosie inspired me to speak my life in my rhymes. I shot my first video "Gboro baby" and the whole city was rocking with it! I shot my 2nd video "Gudda" a week after, that's when the buzz started to come people started noticing me for making music. I started being looked at by Certified Official Entertainment when a local DJ in my city, DJ Micky D, was spinning my music on his Podcast "What DJs Do On Sunday". Everett McNair, CEO/Manger of "CERTIFIED OFFICIAL MUSIC" noticed AAG ROC, reached out to me...now I'm here Officially in this Rap game at the age of thirty. My hobbies include Basketball, driving trucks and movies, to name a few. Five years from now, I see myself number one on the music industry billboards; still representing…AAG ROC…The “GBORO BABY”…CERTIFIED OFFICIAL!!






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