A.A. Rasel Bin Farok

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A.A. Rasel Bin Farok
Image of A.A. Rasel Bin Farok
Native name এ.এ. রাসেল বিন ফারক
Born 31 July 2003
Bancharampur, Brahmanbaria
Residence Chittagong Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Other names Ahamed Rasel, Bin Farok
Citizenship Bangladeshi
Education Bancharampur Govt. S.M. Pilot Model High School And Salimuddin Chowdhury University College
Occupation Entrepreneur, Investor And Business Magnate - philanthropic
Years active 2017 - present
Known for Founder - Chairman & Managing Director Of Astralius Industries Limited (AIL), Founder - Chairman Of Astralius Foundation
Religion Muslim
Spouse Single

A.A. Rasel Bin Farok (born 31 July 2003) is an Bangladeshi Entrepreneur, Investor And Business Magnate - philanthropic. He is the Founder - chairman and managing director of Astralius Industries Ltd. (AIL). Astralius Industries Ltd. (AIL) operates in various lines of activities including Manufacturing, E-commerce, Retail, Shipping & Logistics, Pulp & Paper, Tissue, Media. And He is the Founder - chairman Of philanthropic Astralius Foundation. Specialist Of Real Estate Marketing, Strategic Planning, Human Resources (HR), Team Management, Manufacturing Operations Management, Global E-commerce, Contract Negotiation, Cyber Security, Content Marketing

Business Career

In 2017, Father Ahamed Farok Bin Nur Munshi bought a computer worth $1000 to A.A. Rasel Bin Farok. Mr. Rasel working in the IT sector through the computer bought by his father.

On 24 November 2019, A.A. Rasel Bin Farok first started working in the Video Content Industry. AL Ijtihad established a Media/News Company on 31 January 2021 after working in content marketing for a long time. Currently AL Ijtihad Company is a subsidiary of Astralius Industries Ltd. (AIL).

A.A. Rasel Bin Farok got his inspiration for business from his family from a young age. Father Mr. Farok was a visionary and idealistic man, he was a Saudi expatriate for almost 35 years, his father first showed him how to become a successful entrepreneur by investing. Mr. Rasel founded the commercial group Astralius Industries Ltd. (AIL) on his 18th birthday on July 31, 2021. Gradually, Manufacturing, E-commerce, Retail, Shipping & Logistics, Pulp & Paper, Tissue, Media etc. started getting attached to Astralius Industries Ltd. (AIL). And through these, the Astralius Group began to expand.


A.A. Rasel Bin Farok loved to help and cooperate regardless of caste, religion, caste since his childhood. With early religious education and inspiration from his father Ahamed Farok Bin Nur Munshi, he used to help the helpless, the poor and the underprivileged in various ways at various times.

While still a secondary student, Worked as a founding member of various social voluntary organizations and held various positions in numerous voluntary organizations.

The notable organizations are, on 14th August 2019, he served as founding member and Vice President (2019-2020) of Manobota Raktodan Shonghoton, Bancharampur, Brahmanbaria and on 14th August 2020, he worked as a founder member of Manobota Foundation. And has been participating in various social activities as a member of Bancharampur Chhatra Kalyan Parishad since 2019.

and A.A. Rasel Bin Farok founded the Sahebnagar Pravasi Manob Kalyan Shonghoton on 1 May 2022, by organizing some entrepreneurs in his native village and is serving as the permanent advisory board of the organization. And in the same village, he served as the ICT Affairs Secretary (2021-2022) of Sahebnagar Taronner Batighar, a humanitarian, sports and cultural organization.

And lastly, he established the Life-way Foundation on 3 April 2020 with a small number of volunteers, which is currently a voluntary organization under the Global Nation Charity Division of Astralius Foundation. Life-way Foundation was established during the Covid-19 pandemic, during which disinfectant sprays, awareness raising and mask distribution programs, mosque and street awareness leaflets and soap distribution programs have been implemented to combat Covid-19. And at the same time iftar distribution program has been implemented in Sahebnagar and Salimabad Road on the occasion of Ramadan month of Muslim Ummah.

A.A. Rasel Bin Farok is currently building the foundations of various dreams through the Astralius Foundation - ❝For the welfare of the Global Nation❞, which will work for generations to come for the oppressed and helpless, way poor and underprivileged people of the Earth.

Personal life

Mr. Rasel was born on 31 July 2003 in Sahebnagar village of Salimabad union in Bancharampur Upazila of Brahmanbaria district, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Later he started living in Purbachal, Rupganj upazila of Narayanganj district for various work including higher secondary and business.

He remained a bachelor in Kanchan area for a long time to concentrate on business alone. He made up his mind to become a businessman while still a secondary school student. Gradually he worked hard to realize that dream and emerged as an entrepreneur.

Education Life

Mr. Rasel received his primary education from Bancharampur Holy Flower Academy and Salimabad Islamia preparatory school. Later received secondary education from Bancharampur Govt. S.M. Pilot Model High School. he moved to Rupganj, Narayanganj for his higher secondary education, where he completed his higher secondary education from Salimuddin Chowdhury University College in Kanchan area.

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