Richard Zuley

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Richard Zuley
Richard P. Zuley
Richard P. Zuley
Nationality USA
Other names Richard P. Zuley
Occupation homicide detective, [[]]
Known for Identified as the official in charge of the torture of Guantanamo captive Mohammedou Ould Slahi

Richard Zuley is the intelligence official in charge of the torture of Guantanamo captive Mohammedou Ould Slahi.[1]

Zuley spent 37 years as an officer in Chicago Police Department.[2] He spent the final years of his service as an instructor at the department's training academy, where he helped found a counter-terrorism training division. Upon his retirement he accepted a position as an emergency manager at the Chicago Department of Public Health.

Zuley was wounded on June 6, 1980, when he came across a robbery in progress, and tried to apprehend four burglaries.[3]

On January 30, 1990, the Chicago Tribune covered Zuley's investigation of the murder of a young asian refugee.[4]


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