7-Step Guide for Social Media Campaigns

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Author(s) Kris Lal
Country New Zealand
Language English
Genre(s) Self-Help › Personal Growth › Success
Publisher Kris Lal LTD
Pages 22

7-STEP GUIDE FOR SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS is a book by Kris Lal who is a New Zealand musician, director, entrepreneur, businessman and social media influencer.[1] It's his first book and he has described 7 steps on social media campaigns on the book. He has implemented the 7-step guide with new clients for years within his agency. In particular, clients who are new or have very little to no knowledge of social media have loved this guide, those that know about social media have also found it invaluable to their overall strategy. There is something to be taken away at each step, how you use it will depend highly on your product or service. In saying this, having a personalized strategy and plan is key, we suggest taking notes that relate to your business at each step so that you are able to a) relate it back to your business b) get the most value out of the guide and its application c) have an overview of the gaps that need to be addressed in your current strategy.[2]