2019 Venezuela coup attempt

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This article documents a current event. Information may change rapidly as the event progresses, and initial news reports may be unreliable. The last updates to this article may not reflect the most current information.

2019 Venezuelan Coup d'état attempt
Date 30 April 2019 - Present
Location Venezuela
Result Ongoing
Maduro loyalists and Colectivos (Russian Backing) Guaidó loyalists (American Backing)

Commanders and leaders
Nicolás Maduro Juan Guaidó
Units involved
Venezuelan National Militia Defectors

Beginning on 30 April 2019, acting President of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, with the support of defectors from the Venezuelan Armed Forces launched a Coup d'état (Code-named 'Operation Liberty' by Guaidó) against Socialist dictator and de facto President Nicolás Maduro.

Timeline of Events

Uprising Begins

At about 6:25 am April 30 Guaidó posted a video online that called for a military-backed revolt aginst Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. [1]

Battle of Caracas

For more information, see Battle of Caracas

Guaidós forces arrived at La Carlota Air Force Base at about 6:50 am, where they were fired upon with tear gas, appearing to to have been fired by Maduro loyalists inside the air base[2]. Maduro Forces also appear to have run over several civilians during the riot[3]. At around 1:50 pm, Far-Left Marxist militias know as 'Colectivos' fired upon the rebels [4]. Shortly after, violent clashes between the Rebels, Marxist Militias and the Government spread through out the city[5]