Zaynab Sharrouf

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14 year old widow, orphan and mother Zaynab Sharrouf, and two of her younger siblings.png

Zaynab Sharrouf is a citizen of Australia who was just thirteen years old when her parents, Tara Nettleton and Khaled Sharrouf, took her and her four younger siblings to Daesh-controlled territory, in 2014.[1] She married her father's best friend, Mohammed Elomar, at just fourteen years old.[2]

She gave birth to her first child at fourteen years old.[3]

Her father and husband were reported to have been killed by a missile fired from an UAV, within months of their arrival.[3] Zaynab made a poiny of denying rumors that her father survived. He did in fact survive, and had gone into hiding, until 2017 a second missile killed him and his sons twelve year old Abdullah and nine year old Zarqawi.[4]

Her mother died during a routine appendix operation.[3]

Her grandmother, Karen Nettleton, traveled to Daesh territory in an unsuccessful attempt to bring her grandchildren back to Australia.[3]