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Yousef Talat Ponishare-verified.png

Egyptian writer
Born 3 November 1998 (1998-11-03) (age 25)
Sohag, Egypt
Nationality Egyptian
Education Bachelor of Arts in Translation
Years active 2014–present

Yousef Talat was born on November 3, 1998 in the Tima Center in Sohag Governorate, an Egyptian writer and poet who excelled in writing poetry in the Egyptian dialect. He published his first book, "Symptoms of Schizophrenia" at the 52nd Cairo International Book Fair for the year 2021, and his second book "Everyone looks like a vase" at the 53rd Cairo International Book Fair.

His school life

Yousef studied the primary stage in both the Al-Nour Private School and the Nile Primary School, then he moved to the School of Knowledge in the preparatory stage, then completed his secondary studies at the Al-Shaheed Al-Husseini Abu Deif School, and then joined the German translation department at the Faculty of Arts, Sohag University.

His Journey with Poetry

He started writing poetry at a very young age when he was 14 years old.

His artworks

  • Diwan (Symptoms of Schizophrenia) - published by Tweeta Publishing and Distribution at the Cairo International Book Fair 2021 (ISBN: 978-977-6639-95-9).
  • Diwan (Everyone looks like a vase) - published by Tweeta Publishing and Distribution at the Cairo International Book Fair 2022 (ISBN: 978-977-6856-25-7).

His achievements

  • He received the Talent and Creativity Award for the year 2021, which is documented by the Ministry of Culture and the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports.
  • He was longlisted for the Ahmed Shabana Prize for 2022.

Songs written by him

  • I'm Samson - 2018
  • New patron saint - 2018
  • Oh first joy - 2021


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