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Yeamin Adib (ইয়ামিন আদিব)

Yeamin Adib is a Musician, Youtuber and a Founder of Technological Startups
Born Yeamin Adib (ইয়ামিন আদিব in bengali)
06 November 2003
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Other names Ador (আদর in bengali)
Occupation Musician, Youtuber, Business Manager, Founder, CEO
Years active 2018-present
Known for his music and social media videos, founding top companies in bangladesh
Height 5'6"
Weight 75kg

Yeamin Adib, also known as Yeamin Adib, is a Bangladeshi Young Entrepreneur. He was born in Bangladesh's (District) Dhaka. He's also an Verified Podcast and News Media Artist at Spotify. The podcasts of Yeamin Adib are now available on all platforms. Yeamin Adib is the founder and CEO of SkillNation Bangladesh and at Managing Director at He have created Service Server Hosting like SNBD Web Hosts and more


Yeamin Adib, a 17 years old child working day and night hard to enlightening the future generation in the Work, experience sector. He is a Music Artist, Full Stack Developer, and a Business Manager. He along with his friends founded top Edutech Company in Bangladesh for example, SkillNation Bangladesh, SkillHub Bangladesh, Secure Network Bangladesh and Oracle Pii Bangladesh

Skillnation Bangladesh, An Organization That Is Now A Community Of 17000 People. He Is Working As A Founder, Director, CEO In SkillNation Bangladesh. He is the Co-Founded OraclePii Innovations In 2020 & Currently Working As a Developer In OraclePii Innovations. Recently He Started Working With His Friends On A New Startup Project Called Secure Network Bangladesh. Which Is A Domain, Hosting Provider Company.

SNBD Gives You The Facility To Build Your Business Site At A Cheap Cost & Fast Server’s Guarantee.

Yeamin Adib Also Working With Many Startups. Yeamin & Founded Skillnation Bangladesh In 2020 With His Friends. Now Skillnation Is Community Of 18K People. Skillnation Bangladesh Also Launched Their Many Projects Like Skillnation Bangladesh Shop, SkillHUB, And Many More. Prayangshu Biswas, Rajen Sikder Raj, Rahul Majumder Is Working As CO Founder In SkillNation Bangladesh.


Yeamin Adib, started his early education from BIAM Laboratory School in Eskarton Road, Dhaka. After the primary level certification exams in Bangladesh, he got promoted to BIAM Model School and College. During His 9th Grades, He failed in couple of subjects which resulted him to leave that college and transfer him to Willes Little Flower School and College. After Senior Certification Course, he got admitted to Saint Joseph Higher Secondary School.


Yeamin Adib, known professionally as a Musician and Entrepreneur based in Dhaka Bangladesh. He was introduced to the music industry launched his first soundtrack "Scary Beats" on sound Spotify. After some days he releases his soundtrack on different music platforms like Spotify, Google plays music, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon music, Jiosaavan Hungama, and many others.

Yeamin Adib, started his career at the age of 16 Only. He started several startups with couple of this friends. He started his journey with a Online based eCommercial Platforms Dingoo Store. Then he moved to Loremm - A Digital Shop for Creators. He designed Hoodies, Hyped Tshirts and used to sell them on Market at the age of 16.

Yeamin Adib, got introduced with Technology at the age of 17. He started an Online eLearning Platforms where he along with other students used to teach about Freelance Marketplace, Wordpress and Programming. The name of the startup was "SkillNation Bangladesh". Yeamin Adib, now owns two developing startups working with eLearning and Sever Management.

In General Sense, Yeamin Adib is an Online Entrepreneur and a Music Content Creator.


At Early Age Yeamin Adib, achieve the financial independence, without working Day and night. He started his business by which he got idea about Client Handling and Marketing. He got several years of experiences with dealing with big corporation and Small Startups.