Y La Sar

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Born 20 October 2001
Nationality VIỆT NAM
Occupation Singer-songwriterActor
Religion Christian

La Sar's real name is Y La Sar, (born October 20, 2001) was born and raised in Pleiku, that's where La Sar nurtured her passion for music. Currently La Sar is a Producer and freelance singer. Y La Sar (Cancer guy with good looks. Although he is just over 20 years old, he has researched and learned by himself and has experienced many jobs such as Manager, music. Currently his main job is a Producer in Nissi Life from childhood to adulthood he had to learn music by himself since he was 15 years old, "I have never received help from anyone, only my parents and children have to fend for themselves. Neither do I. I hope to receive help from someone, because I know that success only comes with constant effort and self-effort".)

Emerging a million-view Youtube video in August 2021, he produced a number of videos on youtube and was fortunate to receive a large number of viewers and quickly those videos reached several million views, including videos. up to 2 million views on Youtube and widely shared. Currently the Youtube channel has gained a large number of followers thanks to the grace and friendliness of . Youtube channel with stage name Y.L.S is managed and owned by Y La Sar. Content management to support channel issues belongs to MCN MefunJSC