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Wong Wei Tian
Born March 16, 1999 (1999-03-16) (age 23)
Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Nationality Malaysian
Occupation Actor, Social Media Influencer
Years active 2020-present
Known for Teck Zi Role in Kampung Pisang, Kang Kung Kang in Kampung Kolesterol, Laiseng in Curry Mee
Notable works Kampung Pisang Kita Setandan, Kampung Pisang Berbuah Dua Kali as TeckZi Spritzer CNY 2021 Advertisement, Shopee Advertisement, Vinda Tissue Advertisement.
Height 1.70 m

Wong Wei Tian (黄伟添) was born on March 16, 1999, in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. He grew up with his parents and went to a local high school in Malaysia. Furthermore, he pursue his acting career in 2020.[1][2]


As an artist, he started his career and acted in Inside Scoop Online Advertisement in 2020. Wei Tian starred in Keluarga Bahadon 2 Online Viu Series, Angkara Cinta Astro Mega drama, and became extras in various films and dramas in the same year.[3][4]

After finishing successfully projects of 2020, Wei Tian appeared in Kampong Pisang Kita Setandan TV Movie as Hero Teck Zee. His one of the major work is Kang Kung Kang in Kampung Kolesterol TV9 Drama Series. He has also completely done his several advertisement projects such as 2nd Street, Eostre, Sonno Bed, Foodpanda Raya, HongLeong Bank, TM Digital Malaysia, Fincrew, Vinda Tissue, Teahours, Oppo A95, CU Mart, Shopee New Job New Normal, and more.[5][6]

Wei Tian started his year 2022 with the inviatation of to play a role as Teck Zi again in Kampong Pisang Berbuah Dua Kali as Teck Zi. He was also invited to take up Laiseng’s Role in Feature Film “Curry Mee”.[7][8]

Before Fame

Since early his age, Wei Tian obsessed with the acting profession and that helped him starring a career as an actor in 2020.[9]



Year Film Role Notes
2021 Kampong Pisang Kita Setandan arahan Mamat Khalid Teck Zee Watak Hero
2021 Kampong Pisang Berbuah Dua Kali arahan Amen Khalid (Supertelemovie) Teck Zi Watak Sampingan
2022 Curry Mee (Feature Film) Lai Seng Watak Hero
2021 Jagakan Dia RTM (Telemovie) Andrew Loh Watak Sampingan
2021 Siberkasa (Telemovie) Andrew Watak
2021 Rumah Cinta Kasih (Telemovie) Calvin Watak
2021 Kampong Kolesterol (Drama) Kang Kung Kang Kpop Idol Watak
2020 Keluarga Bahadon 2 (Drama) Assistant Harry Kok Watak
2021 Klik Rider (Sitcom) Teck Zee Watak
2021 Kapal Tenggelam ABIM Tan Watak Sampingan
2021 Ikon Belia (TV Program) Wei Tian Watak Sampingan
2021 Entrepreneur Magazine RTM Ah Beng Watak Hero

Iklan / Commercial (TVC / Online)

Year TVC/Online Role
2022 Subway TVC Feature Extra
2022 Mamee Laksa Ads Feature
2022 IJM Land Property Ads Feature Extra
2022 Aewon PPE Brunei Ads Main
2022 Skyline Ads Feature
2022 Texas Chicken Ads Feature
2022 Maybank CNY Ads Feature
2022 Mytukar Ads Feature
2021 Spiderman Online Ads Feature Extra
2021 Maxis Ads Feature Extra
2021 Cu Mart Jinnyboy Ads Feature
2021 Yong Xiang Dry Meat CNY Ads Feature Extra
2021 Bottomlabs Ads Main
2021 Oppo A95 Ads Feature Extra
2021 Tradehall Ads Feature Extra
2021 Lembaga Penduduk Dan Pembangunan Keluarga Negara(LPPKN) Ads Feature
2021 St John First Aid TVC Feature
2021 Vinda Tissue Ads Main
2021 Youth Belia Ads Feature
2021 Fincrew Photoshoot and Video Ads Main
2021 TM Digital Malaysia TVC Feature Extra
2021 The Threat Japan Environment Ads Feature
2021 Hong Leong Bank Ads Feature Extra
2021 Foodpanda Raya Ads Feature
2021 Sonno Bed Ads Feature
2021 Sunway Vaccine Ads Feature Extra
2021 Teahours Ads Feature Extra
2021 Darlie Ads Feature Extra
2021 AiA Vitality Malaysia Ads Feature Extra
2021 Spritzer CNY Main
2021 Shopee New Job New Normal Main
2021 Eostre Ads Main
2021 2nd Street Ads Main
2020 Inside Scoop Mooncake Festival Feature

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