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'''Wings of Uranos''' is a [[third party Transformer]] accessory made by [[TFC Toys]] in 2013.
'''Wings of Uranos''' is a [[third-party Transformer]] accessory made by [[TFC Toys]] in 2013.
==TFC Toys==
==TFC Toys==

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Wings of Uranos
TFC Toys character
Wings of Uranos box
Created by

TFC Toys
Release number

Aliases Wings of the Uranos
Species Transformer
Gender Male

Wings of Uranos is a third-party Transformer accessory made by TFC Toys in 2013.

TFC Toys


TFC Toys first revealed prototype images of the "Wings of the Uranos" set in May 2013.[1].

The set was released under the slightly altered name Wings of Uranos.


The [email protected] podcast for May 31th, 2013 selected prototype pictures of the Wings of Uranos as one of the New Picture Picks.[2]

The Good Morning, Cybertron podcast for June 3rd, 2013 discussed the Wings of Uranos set in the news.[3]

The moonbase2 podcast for June 5th, 2013 covered images of AV88 Harrier II, F-16 Falcon and Wings of Uranos in the news.[4]

The Fwooshcast podcast for June 9nd, 2013 talked about the Wings of Uranos, Falcon and Harrier in the news.[5]

The Radio Free Cybertron podcast for June 10th, 2013 discussed the Wings of Uranos set in the news.[6]


  • TFC Toys TFC-008 Wings of Uranos (2013)



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