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Wing Saber is an Autobot featured in the Unicron Trilogy of the Transformers franchise.


Animated series

In Transformers: Energon Wing Saber was originally a prison guard named Wing Dagger whose charges included the Decepticon criminal Shockblast. When Shockblast escaped during one of Megatron's attacks on Cybertron, Wing Dagger and his partner Padlock attempted to recapture him, trailing him into the depths of the planet. They eventually found him in Primus' chamber only for him to grab Padlock, and while making his getaway the cruel Decepticon killed Wing Dagger's partner. Wing Dagger became more determined than ever to bring Shockblast to justice, eventually attacking him during a subsequent battle that saw him grievously injured. However, he was soon rebuilt as Wing Saber and granted the ability to combine with Optimus Prime in either of two formations.

Wing Saber eventually tracked down Shockblast and faced him in a battle to avenge Padlock in which he emerged victorious, with Shockblast being briefly imprisoned again for a time. Following the addition of Omega Supreme to the Autobot ranks Wing Saber's appearances became less frequent, and he was apparently assigned to oversee Cybertron's defense while Optimus Prime's forces engaged Galvatron in space. He would later rejoin the crew after Optimus' forces returned to Cybertron, and along with his fellow Autobots merged with Optimus Prime during the final battle between Optimus and a Unicron-possessed Galvatron.

Transformers: Cybertron saw Wing Saber return with a very different personality while retaining the ability to combine with Optimus Prime, allowing the Autobot leader to enter his Sonic Wing Mode.


  • Energon Wing Saber (2004)
A toy that transformed into a Cybertronian aircraft and could split into four pieces, any one of them capable of forming an armored limb for Energon Optimus Prime; it is somewhat notable for not having been recolored or remolded into another figure. His bio differed from his show role in establishing him as a Cybertronian courier whom Megatron apparently hoped to sway to the Decepticon side.
  • Cybertron Wing Saber (2006)
Transforms into a plane; was later recolored into Wingblade.