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Wind Sheer is the name of three fictional character from the Transformers series. The original Wind Sheer was introduced in 2001 as part of the Transformers: Robots in Disguise toy line. The second Wind Sheer was a Mini-Con with the Transformers: Aramda toy line.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Transformers character
Robots in Disguise Wind Sheer toy
Name Wind Sheer
Series Transformers: Robots in Disguise
Alternate modes Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor
Gender Male
Motto "I'll show you some real flying!"
Sub-group Basic Vehicles

The first Wind Sheer is a Decepticon jet from the Transformers: Robots in Disguise line. Though he did not appear in the anime series, he had his own figure.[1]

Fictional biography

Wind Sheer is fast and flashy as he slices the sky at supersonic speed, doing acrobatic maneuvers when a simple flight would do. He'll take risks just to show off his skill and not care who gets into trouble with him. He loves to talk about how great he is, and only his speed and skill keep the other Decepticons from grounding him - permanently.


  • Robots in Disguise Wind Sheer (2001)
A black redeco of Machine Wars Megatron. Bundled with Skid-Z.

Transformers: Armada

Transformers character
Armada Wind Sheer toy
Name Wind Sheer
Japanese name Hawk
Series Transformers: Armada
Alternate modes Jet resembling an F-117 Nighthawk
Gender Male
Motto "If you strike at my friend, you strike at me."
Partner Wheeljack

He transforms into an F-117 Nighthawk.[2]

Wind Sheer has enhanced stealth capabilities. In robot mode, each of his hands contains an energy blaster of mid-level strength.

Fictional biography

Bio: Along with Wheel jack, Windsheer was once an idealistic young Autobot. The two were brave and dedicated warriors for the cause, until Wheeljack's perceived betrayal at the hands of Hot Shot. Unable to accept his close friend's abandonment, Windsheer bitterly agreed to cross sides and fight alongside the Decepticons to get revenge. Although he has more visible doubts about the decision than Wheel jack, Windsheer is dedicated to standing by his friend regardless of the consequences.

Weapons and Abilities: Subject possesses average levels of strength and intelligence, but amazing aerial speed. His jet mode is specially designed to make it more effective at stealth and espionage missions, two areas that Subject excels at. In robot mode, each of his hands contains an energy blaster of mid-level strength.

Weaknesses: Subject's devotion to his friends makes him easy to take advantage of, but Wheeljack is always looking out to make sure his partner isn't being -.. manipulated by the other Decepticons.

Dreamwave Productions

Wind Sheer appeared among the Mini-Cons in issue #18 of the Transformers: Armada comic book who aided Over-Run using the Mini-Con Matrix in the defeat of Unicron.

According to his biography he once fought alongside the Autobots, but when Wheeljack was betrayed he agreed to follow Wheeljack to the side of the Decepticons.


  • Armada Wind Sheer (2003)
This toy was recolored into Shattered Glass Whisper

Transformers: Universe

Transformers character
Name Wind Sheer
Series Transformers: Universe
Alternate modes Jet
Gender Male
Sub-group Cyberjet

The third character to carry the name Wind Sheer was a Decepticon who turned into a jet, released in 2004.


  • Universe Wind Sheer (2004)
A repaint of Hooligan and Transformers: Generation 2 Jetfire; was later reused for Ricochet and R-Blade.


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