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Willmus Weddings is a wedding planning company offering photography and videography services for weddings in San Diego.[1] The company takes on a personalized husband and wife approach for each wedding.[2]

History and overview

Heather began her wedding planning career in Paris, France. She decided to move to San Diego with her French husband, Christophe, a travel photographer, and they founded Willmus Weddings in 2015.[3] Christophe and Heather have built their professional network by visiting almost 400 wedding venues in San Diego County.[4] Willmus Weddings now offers an exclusive list of the best wedding venues in San Diego.

The dynamic duo dives deep into their client’s wishes and needs to create a tailored wedding plan. Knowing that capturing the beauty and emotion of a wedding is just as important as planning the event, Willmus Weddings also offers photography and videography services. Their services are crafted to capture every detail of the wedding day. With the latest equipment and qualified professionals, Willmus Weddings turns the day into an unforgettable story with their modern and dynamic approach.[5] Their full suite of wedding services includes taking care of everything from finding the best venue and vendor selection to budget management and design. Willmus Weddings and their team of wedding coordinators offer Day/Month of Coordination at all the wedding venues in San Diego. Their planning process includes wedding planning documents, a checklist, a planning calendar, a to-do list, and a budget worksheet. Willmus Weddings also offers complimentary consultations.[6]

Awards and recognition

• Couple Choice Awards 2024 Videography Winner[7]

• Best Wedding Planner in San Diego[8]

• The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame[9]

• 3 Best Wedding Planners in San Diego[10]

• Chic 100: Top 10 Wedding Planners[11]

• Best Wedding Videographer[12]


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