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Tarek Hasan

Tarek Hasan was born on July 1, 1984 in the village of Nandir Bazar in his grandfather's house in Sherpur district.  His father house  is in Nayapara village of Chander in the same district.  Primary education is in Chander Nagar Government Primary School.  Secondary Kharjan High School.  Higher Secondary from Sherpur Government College.  He moved to Singapore in 2009 to pursue a livelihood. After completing his Diploma of Mechanical  and BSc Engineering, he started his career as a professional engineer in that country.  Traveled to different countries on professional duty.  He started writing from school life till 2000. At one stage of writing, he became stagnant and lost interest in writing.  When he set foot in Singapore in 2009, he met a friend in Singapore in 2012. That friend took him to the office of AKM Mohsin Malhar, the editor of Banglarkantha, the only Bengali newspaper in Singapore, and introduced him.  On the same day, the editor of Banglar Kantha asked him to write a poem.  He wrote a poem while sitting there.  The poem titled "We are Bengalis" was published in Banglar Kantha Patrika in the same month.  Overjoyed.  He used to spend time in Bangla Voice Cultural Forum.  Get acquainted with Bengali speaking writers.  Writing started again, writing poems every day, sending them to different news portals of Bangladesh and getting published.  He first started his career as a journalist at Banglar Kantha and later as the Singapore correspondent of Dainik Deskal and News Portal Today Sangbad.  He then worked as a Singapore correspondent for several news portals.  While in Singapore, he participated in various international events and competitions. During his stay abroad, he established "Sachetan Darido Bimochan Sangstha" in 2014. In 2016, he established the Freedom Fighter late Sayedul Islam Foundation and Library in the name of his father.  In 2016-2017, he was the General Secretary of the Central Committee of Sonar Bangla Sahitya Parishad and also the President of 2019-2020 and the Presidium of the Committee for the year 2021-2022.  Since 2016, rhymes, poems, and stories have been published in the national dailies of Bangladesh which are still going on In 2016. Amar Ekushey Book Fair first-2017 published a book of poetry (Roktakto Siri)"Bloody Stairs" and a story book "  Nazimpurer Nazimuddin "..  In 2018 Ekushey Book Fair published "Ami Vidrohi Balchi", "Kusum Kusum Prem" poetry book and " Cholonta Traine zolonta Prem(Hanging Love on a moving train)" love story book.  Vashoner nam Shadinota  was published at the book fair.In 2019.Currently, several books are on the verge of publication, including children's rhymes, children's stories, poems, stories, and novels.  He is the editor of Sahitya Sanchar, a Little magazine.  He made his debut as a publisher in 2020, publishing more than 50 books from his publishing house, Babai Publications.  He is currently engaged in engineering as well as literary pursuits.  So far, Sahitya Prapti Jatiya Kabi Smriti Sammanna-2018, Kabi Sahityak Forum Lekhak Sammanna-2017, Sammanna-2017, Moraluk Sahitya Sammanna-2017, Porshi Sahitya Sammanna-2017 Sonar Bangla Parishad smriti podok-2017 Nazrul Islam Sahitya Sammanna-2017.