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| 55 || [[wikipedia:Azimullah (detainee)]] ||  
| 55 || [[wikipedia:Azimullah (detainee)]] ||  
| 56 || [[wikipedia:Bayt al Arab (OBL guest house)]] ||  
| 56 || [[wikipedia:Bayt al Arab (OBL guest house)]] || [[wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/review/Bayt al Arab (OBL guest house)]]
| 57 || [[wikipedia:Benjamin G. Davis]] ||  
| 57 || [[wikipedia:Benjamin G. Davis]] ||  

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# Article on Wikipedia New location / Notes
1 wikipedia:Abd Al Hadi Omar Mahmoud Faraj v. George W. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Abd Al Hadi Omar Mahmoud Faraj v. George W. Bush
2 wikipedia:Abd al Malik Abd al Wahab Deleted:Abd al Malik Abd al Wahab
3 wikipedia:Abdalhadi M. Al-Sopai Deleted:Abdalhadi M. Al-Sopai
4 wikipedia:Abd-Al-Nisr Mohammed Khantumani v. George Walker Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Abd-Al-Nisr Mohammed Khantumani v. George Walker Bush
5 wikipedia:Abderrahman Deleted:Abderrahman
6 wikipedia:Abdessalam v. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Abdessalam v. Bush
7 wikipedia:Abdul Aziz (Taliban leader) Deleted:Abdul Aziz (Taliban leader)
8 wikipedia:Abdul Bagi (detainee) Deleted:Abdul Bagi (detainee)
9 wikipedia:Abdul Baqi (Guantanamo detainee 656) Deleted:Abdul Baqi (Guantanamo detainee 656)
10 wikipedia:Abdul Ghafar (Afghan mujahideen fighter) Deleted:Abdul Ghafar (Afghan mujahideen fighter)
11 wikipedia:Abdul Ghafour (Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin leader) Deleted:Abdul Ghafour (Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin leader)
12 wikipedia:Abdul Ghani (Guantanamo detainee 934) Deleted:Abdul Ghani (Guantanamo detainee 934)
13 wikipedia:Abdul Hakim Jan (Argandab warlord) Abdul Hakim Jan (Argandab warlord)
14 wikipedia:Abdul Haq (al Qaida leader) Deleted:Abdul Haq (al Qaida leader)
15 wikipedia:Abdul Haq (Northern Alliance translator) Requires your permission
16 wikipedia:Abdul Haq (Taliban leader, 2005) Deleted:Abdul Haq (Taliban leader, 2005)
17 wikipedia:Abdul Haq (Taliban leader, 2008) Deleted:Abdul Haq (Taliban leader, 2008)
18 wikipedia:Abdul Jabar (Taliban leader) Deleted:Abdul Jabar (Taliban leader)
19 wikipedia:Abdul Rahim Abdul Razak Al Ginco v. Robert M. Gates wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Abdul Rahim Abdul Razak Al Ginco v. Robert M. Gates
20 wikipedia:Abdul Rauf (Sipah-e Sahaba Pakistan) Deleted:Abdul Rauf (Sipah-e Sahaba Pakistan)
21 wikipedia:Abdul Razzaq (Taliban leader in Khandahar) wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/reviewAbdul Razzaq (Taliban leader in Khandahar)
22 wikipedia:Abdul Salaam (Guantanamo detainee 826) Abdul Salaam (Guantanamo detainee 826)
23 wikipedia:Abdul Salam (Taliban leader, Kabul front, 2001)
24 wikipedia:Abdul Salam (Taliban leader, Karabak front, 2001)
25 wikipedia:Abdul Sattar (Taliban commander)
26 wikipedia:Abdullah Hamid Abdalsalam Alghazawy v. George W. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Abdullah Hamid Abdalsalam Alghazawy v. George W. Bush
27 wikipedia:Abdullah Shahab
28 wikipedia:Abdullah Wazir Zadran v. George W. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Abdullah Wazir Zadran v. George W. Bush
29 wikipedia:Abu Abaida training camp
30 wikipedia:Abu Bakr al Jaziri
31 wikipedia:Abu Nasir training camp wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/training camps/Abu Nasir training camp
32 wikipedia:Ahmed Adnan Muhammad Ajam
33 wikipedia:Ahmed Ben Bacha (Belbacha) v. George W. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Ahmed Ben Bacha (Belbacha) v. George W. Bush
34 wikipedia:Ahmed v. Bush (05-cv-0665) wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Ahmed v. Bush (05-cv-0665)
35 wikipedia:Ahmed v. Bush (05-cv-1234) wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Ahmed v. Bush (05-cv-1234)
36 wikipedia:Al Ansi v. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Al Ansi v. Bush
37 wikipedia:Al Qaida facilitator
38 wikipedia:Al Qaida safe house, Islamabad wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/review/Al Qaida safe house, Islamabad
39 wikipedia:Al Qosi v. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Al Qosi v. Bush
40 wikipedia:Al Razak v. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Al Razak v. Bush
41 wikipedia:Al Shareef v. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Al Shareef v. Bush
42 wikipedia:Ali Shah Mousouvi v. George W. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Ali Shah Mousouvi v. George W. Bush
43 wikipedia:Ali Sher Hamidullah
44 wikipedia:Al-ighatha al-khaira
45 wikipedia:Al-Marri v. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Al-Marri v. Bush
46 wikipedia:Ameziane v. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Ameziane v. Bush
47 wikipedia:Amran Baqur Mohammed Hawsawi
48 wikipedia:Andrew Ledford
49 wikipedia:Angela L. Campbell
50 wikipedia:Ari L. Kaplan
51 wikipedia:Arsala Khan (suspected al Qaida financier)
52 wikipedia:Asil training camp
53 wikipedia:Asim Ben Thabit Al-Khalaqi v. George W. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Asim Ben Thabit Al-Khalaqi v. George W. Bush
54 wikipedia:Avaz Shoyusupov
55 wikipedia:Azimullah (detainee)
56 wikipedia:Bayt al Arab (OBL guest house) wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/review/Bayt al Arab (OBL guest house)
57 wikipedia:Benjamin G. Davis
58 wikipedia:Bismaullah (Guantanamo detainee 960) wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/Review/Bismaullah (Guantanamo detainee 960)
59 wikipedia:Bismillah (Guantanamo detainee 639) wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/Review/Bismillah (Guantanamo detainee 639)
60 wikipedia:Bismullah (Guantanamo detainee 968)
61 wikipedia:C. Rufus Pennington III wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/C. Rufus Pennington III
Requires your permission
62 wikipedia:Camp Lajerg wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/training camps/Camp Lajerg
63 wikipedia:Camp Thabit wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/training camps/Camp Thabit
Requires your permission
64 wikipedia:Captured lists of al-Qaeda suspects
65 wikipedia:Charles H. Carpenter wikipedia:Charles H. Carpenter
66 wikipedia:Civil Action No. 05-cv-2387 wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Civil Action No. 05-cv-2387
67 wikipedia:Civil Action No. 07-cv-2338 wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Civil Action No. 07-cv-2338
Requires your permission
68 wikipedia:Civil Action No. 08-5424 wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Civil Action No. 08-5424
69 wikipedia:Civil Action No. 08-cv-1085 wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Civil Action No. 08-cv-1085
70 wikipedia:Civil Action No. 08-cv-1230 wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Civil Action No. 08-cv-1230
71 wikipedia:Daftar al-Taliban
72 wikipedia:Daily India
73 wikipedia:Danielle R. Voorhees wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/Danielle R. Voorhees
Requires your permission
74 wikipedia:David L. Taylor
75 wikipedia:Defense Department list of terrorist organizations other than the Taliban or al Qaeda
76 wikipedia:Edmund Burke (human rights lawyer)
77 wikipedia:Esmatulla (Guantanamo detainee 888)
78 wikipedia:Fahd Saleh Al-Muhayani
79 wikipedia:Faizullah (Guantanamo detainee 919)
80 wikipedia:Fawaz Abd Al Aziz Al Zahrani
81 wikipedia:Fazaldad
82 wikipedia:Gaillard T. Hunt wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/Gaillard T. Hunt
Requires your permission
83 wikipedia:George M. Clarke III wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/George M. Clarke III
Requires your permission
84 wikipedia:Ghulam Mohammed v. Donald Rumsfeld
85 wikipedia:Hani Saleh Rashid Abdullah v. George W. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Hani Saleh Rashid Abdullah v. George W. Bush
86 wikipedia:Haseeb Ayub wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/review/Haseeb Ayub
Requires your permission
87 wikipedia:Inter- and Intra-Departmental Disagreements About Who Is Our Enemy
88 wikipedia:Issam Hamid Al Bin Ali Al Jayfi
89 wikipedia:Jaish-E-Mohammad training camp wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/training camps/Jaish-E-Mohammad training camp
90 wikipedia:James W. Harrison Jr.
91 wikipedia:Janet Hamlin
92 wikipedia:Javar Camp wikipedia:User:Guantanamo/review/Javar Camp
93 wikipedia:Jeffrey J. Davis
94 wikipedia:Jim Dorsey wikipedia:Jim Dorsey
article exists but unsure of previous article history
95 wikipedia:John A. Chandler wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/John A. Chandler
Requires your permission
96 wikipedia:John Merriam (military lawyer) wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/John Merriam (military lawyer)
Requires your permission
97 wikipedia:Jonathan M. Fee wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/Jonathan M. Fee
Requires your permission
98 wikipedia:Joshua Colangelo-Bryan
99 wikipedia:Julia L. Tarver wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/Julia L. Tarver
Requires your permission
100 wikipedia:Julia Symon wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/Julia Symon
Requires your permission
101 wikipedia:June 10th Suicides at Guantánamo
102 wikipedia:Karabakh camp
103 wikipedia:Karim (Bagram captive) wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Userified 2011-02/Karim (Bagram captive)
104 wikipedia:Kart Barwan guesthouse wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/review/Kart Barwan guesthouse
105 wikipedia:Khalid Rashid Ali Al-Murri
106 wikipedia:Khan v. Bush (Civil Action No. 05-cv-2466) wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Khan v. Bush (Civil Action No. 05-cv-2466)
107 wikipedia:Kohtal training camp wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/training camps/Kohtal training camp
108 wikipedia:Lara Gabrielle Quint wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/Lara Gabrielle Quint
Requires your permission
109 wikipedia:LIFG training camp wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/training camps/LIFG training camp
Requires your permission
110 wikipedia:List of 324 Arabic names Deleted talk:List of 324 Arabic names
111 wikipedia:Logar training camp wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/training camps/Logar training camp
112 wikipedia:Mahmud Idris v. George W. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Mahmud Idris v. George W. Bush
113 wikipedia:Mahmud Salem Horan Mohammed Mutlak Al Ali v. George Walker Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Mahmud Salem Horan Mohammed Mutlak Al Ali v. George Walker Bush
114 wikipedia:Majid bin Hamed bin Abdullah al-Haseri Deleted:Majid bin Hamed bin Abdullah al-Haseri
115 wikipedia:Mamet v. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Mamet v. Bush
116 wikipedia:Margun training camp Deleted:Margun training camp
117 wikipedia:Martha Rayner wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/Martha Rayner
Requires your permission
118 wikipedia:Meme that 911 hijackers entered through Canada Deleted:Meme that 911 hijackers entered through Canada
119 wikipedia:Michael Lohr wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/Michael Lohr
120 wikipedia:Mike Trinh wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/Mike Trinh
Requires your permission
121 wikipedia:Moasqr Kari Bilal training camp wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/training camps/Moasqr Kari Bilal training camp
122 wikipedia:Mohabat Khan v. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Mohabat Khan v. Bush
123 wikipedia:Mohammed Arshad Raza wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/review/Mohammed Arshad Raza
Requires your permission
124 wikipedia:Mohammed Ashraf wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/review/Mohammed Ashraf
Requires your permission
125 wikipedia:Mohammed Hashim Deleted:Mohammed Hashim
126 wikipedia:Mohammed Ibrahim (Guantanamo witness) wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/Mohammed Ibrahim (Guantanamo witness)
127 wikipedia:Mohammed Ibrahim (Taliban Deputy Director of Intelligence) Deleted:Mohammed Ibrahim (Taliban Deputy Director of Intelligence)
128 wikipedia:Mohammed Nasim (Guantanamo captive 849) Deleted:Mohammed Nasim (Guantanamo captive 849)
129 wikipedia:Mohammed Salim (Bagram detainee) Deleted:Mohammed Salim (Bagram detainee)
130 wikipedia:Muhamad Naji Subhi Al Juhani Deleted:Muhamad Naji Subhi Al Juhani
131 wikipedia:Mullah Rahmatullah Deleted:Mullah Rahmatullah
132 wikipedia:Munir Ahmed wikipedia:Munir Ahmed
article exists but unsure of previous article history
133 wikipedia:Nasrullah (Guantanamo detainee 886) Deleted:Nasrullah (Guantanamo detainee 886)
134 wikipedia:Nazih Almalki Deleted:Nazih Almalki
135 wikipedia:Neil H. Koslowe wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/Neil H. Koslowe
Requires your permission
136 wikipedia:OC-1 (witness) Deleted:OC-1 (witness)
137 wikipedia:Pakistani Center 5 Deleted:Pakistani Center 5
138 wikipedia:Pamela Rogers Chepiga wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/Pamela Rogers Chepiga
Requires your permission
139 wikipedia:Peerzai v. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Peerzai v. Bush
140 wikipedia:Peter C. Bradford Deleted:Peter C. Bradford
141 wikipedia:Philip Sundel wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/Philip Sundel
Requires your permission
142 wikipedia:Punch Sulzberger Award wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Punch Sulzberger Award
143 wikipedia:Qalandar Shah Deleted:Qalandar Shah
144 wikipedia:Qulio Urdo training camp wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/training camps/Qulio Urdo training camp
Requires your permission
145 wikipedia:Rahmatullah wikipedia:Rahmatullah
146 wikipedia:Rahmatullah Sangaryar Deleted:Rahmatullah Sangaryar
147 wikipedia:Razakah v. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Razakah v. Bush
148 wikipedia:Rick Schieke wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/Rick Schieke
149 wikipedia:Ridah Bin Saleh Al Yazidi v. George W. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Ridah Bin Saleh Al Yazidi v. George W. Bush
150 wikipedia:Robert Knowles wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/Robert Knowles
Requires your permission
151 wikipedia:Rustam Akhmyarov (Chechen leader) wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Rustam Akhmyarov (Chechen leader)
152 wikipedia:Sada training camp wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/Sada training camp
Requires your permission
153 wikipedia:Sadkhan v. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Sadkhan v. Bush
154 wikipedia:Said Muhammed Salih Hatim v. George W. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Said Muhammed Salih Hatim v. George W. Bush
155 wikipedia:Saleh Abdall Al Oshan v. George W. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Saleh Abdall Al Oshan v. George W. Bush
156 wikipedia:Salim Gherebi v. George Walker Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Salim Gherebi v. George Walker Bush
157 wikipedia:Salim Muhood Adem v. George W. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Adem v. Bush
158 wikipedia:Samar Khaila training camp wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/training camps/Samar Khaila training camp
159 wikipedia:Samarkhil training camp
160 wikipedia:Sangar Rihad wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/Sangar Rihad
Requires your permission
161 wikipedia:Sara Wood (military writer) Deleted:Sara Wood (military writer)
162 wikipedia:Sarajudim wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/Sarajudim
163 wikipedia:Shahzada Akhund Deleted:Shahzada Akhund
164 wikipedia:Sharifullah v. George W. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Sharifullah v. George W. Bush
165 wikipedia:Sharon D. Allen (OARDEC) Deleted:Sharon D. Allen (OARDEC)
166 wikipedia:Sharon Shaffer wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/Sharon Shaffer
Requires your permission
167 wikipedia:Shorandam training camp wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/training camps/Shorandam training camp
168 wikipedia:Sliti v. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Sliti v. Bush
169 wikipedia:Sohail v. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Sohail v. Bush
170 wikipedia:Spencer Gaines Deleted:Spencer Gaines
171 wikipedia:Stephen Priestley wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Userified 2011-02/Stephen Priestley
172 wikipedia:Sudar training camp wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/training camps/Sudar training camp
173 wikipedia:Susan Baker Manning wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/Susan Baker Manning
Requires your permission
174 wikipedia:Suspect guest house, Jalalabad Deleted:Suspect guest house, Jalalabad
175 wikipedia:Suspect guest house, Kandahar wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/review/Suspect guest house, Kandahar
176 wikipedia:Suspect guest house, Konduz
177 wikipedia:Suspected jihadists from the Maldives Deleted for BLP concerns
178 wikipedia:Sylvia Royce wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/Sylvia Royce
Requires your permission
179 wikipedia:Tablighi Jamaat and allegations of terrorism Deleted for BLP concerns
180 wikipedia:Tabligi Jamaat training camp wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/training camps/Tabligi Jamaat training camp
Requires your permission
181 wikipedia:Taj Mohammed (Zormat District Security Officer) Deleted:Taj Mohammed (Zormat District Security Officer)
182 wikipedia:Taliban Deputy Director of Intelligence Deleted:Taliban Deputy Director of Intelligence
183 wikipedia:Taliban guest house, Quetta wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/review/Taliban guest house, Quetta
184 wikipedia:Tarik training camp wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/training camps/Tarik training camp
185 wikipedia:Thabid v. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Thabid v. Bush
186 wikipedia:Thomas Hartmann (USN) wikipedia:Thomas Hartmann (USN)
Requires your permission
187 wikipedia:Tom Kranz wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/Tom Kranz
188 wikipedia:Torkhum training camp wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/training camps/Torkhum training camp
189 wikipedia:Ullah v. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Ullah v. Bush
190 wikipedia:Unknown Tajiki captive in Guantanamo Deleted:Unknown Tajiki captive in Guantanamo
191 wikipedia:Wade M. Brown wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/not ready yet/Wade M. Brown
Requires your permission
192 wikipedia:Wali Mohammed (Guantanamo detainee 560) Deleted:Wali Mohammed (Guantanamo detainee 560)
193 wikipedia:Wilberto Sabalu Deleted:Wilberto Sabalu
194 wikipedia:William Goodman (lawyer) wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/William Goodman (lawyer)
Requires your permission
195 wikipedia:William Molzahn wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/review/William Molzahn
196 wikipedia:Yasim Muhammed Basardah v. George W. Bush wikipedia:User:Geo Swan/Guantanamo/habeas/Yasim Muhammed Basardah v. George W. Bush