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Mohammad Monjurul Haque Fahim
picture of Mohammad Monjurul Haque Fahim
Native name Mohammad Monjurul Haque Fahim
Born 21st June 1995
Kishoreganj city in Bangladesh
Residence Punjab,India
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Kishoreganj Textile Mills High School and his Higher Secondary from famous Gurudayal Govt College
Occupation Social Activist & Youth Leader
Years active 2017
Known for writer
Height 5'8"
Religion Islam
Parents Md. Faizul Haue Nazneen Begum

Biography & Carrer

Mohammad Monjurul Haque Fahim is a Social Activist & Youth Leader. He was born on 21st June 1995, Kishoreganj city in Bangladesh. He completed his schooling at Kishoreganj Textile Mills High School and his Higher Secondary from famous Gurudayal Govt College. He is a graduate student(final year). He is the elder son of Md. Faizul Haue and Nazneen Begum in his family. From a very early age, he was attracted by Debating, Social work & Leadership. He is also a good writer, His writing article has published at National News & Portal. Now he is the Country Ambassador of Universal Youth Movement, Bangladesh. (International Youth Organization) Mohammad Monjurul Haque Fahim Career This field has attracted young and dynamic youth and one such name is Mohammad Monjurul Haque Fahim, He is the Country Ambassador of Universal Youth Movement & He was an online Volunteer of United Nations. He is also an official volunteer of International Human Rights Commission (IHRC), Id No: V1049CZ/EU20 & also a member of Volunteer for Bangladesh. He was the Delegate of National Youth Assembly, Bangladesh, 2019. He participated as a Delegate of Bangladesh Youth Leadership Council (BYLC) Conference, Bangladesh, 2019. He is the fixed delegate of Asia Youth International Model United Nations, 2020 at Malaysia & also The Delegate of Asia World Model United Nations, 2020 at Indonesia. He was also a Delegate of International MUN 9.0 Conference 2020(Online) & also The Delegate of First Online EMUN 2020 & Best Position Paper Holder. He completed internship on Leadership skills from International Global Network & He successfully completed IGN Mentorship Batch II, IGN Mentorship Batch III, IGN Mentorship Batch IV & He was also the Webinar of “MUN Webinar 101” Batch III & “MUN Webinar 101” Batch IV. He got 7.0 at IELTS Exam. Mohammad Monjurul Haque Fahim is also a Cyber Specialist, He was an intern (Cyber Security) of Arena Web Security Under Fahim Rahman & Abdullah AL Jaber. He has made a breakthrough in this field so that everyone can lead it and Fahim has remained a household name in the organization. He continues to do his service with dignity around the world throughout Universal Youth Movement. This organization is working at 14 Countries. Fahim administrates a lots of project in Bangladesh. In the covid situation, A very famous “Mask Up Bangladesh” which led by Fahim over 10 Districts in Bangladesh. “Street Children Feeding”, Online Entrepreneur Workshop 1.0 (over 13 Countries), Online Art Competition (13 Countries, 3 Categories) all of this which was successfully organized by Fahim. The world today is governed by the internet. We see a smooth transition of our day to day business activities happening at the instant. Cyber Security is no exception. We have professionals called Cyber Security experts who look out for an equivalent. Despite the tough competition in this feild, he was able to help many of his clients grow the business in cyber world, which made it effective for their audience & he has helped many individuals, personalities, celebrities, politicians, businessmen, local and international brands in Cyber Security Issues. Fahim has a dream to read 10,000 books in his whole life & reading books is ongoing.