Wheel Loader & Mixer

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Wheel Loader & Mixer
Third party Transformer character
Wheel Loader & Mixer box
Release number

Species Transformer
Gender Male

Shapeshifting, superhuman durability, superhuman strength
Alternate mode

Wheel Loader & Mixer

Wheel Loader & Mixer are fictional characters made by Maketoys in 2012 as third party Transformers. They are homages to the 1985 Transformers Constructicons Scrapper and Mixmaster.


Wheel Loader & Mixer are third party Transformers and homages to the Constructicons Scrapper and Mixmaster. They combine with the other toys from their line to form Giant, an homage to Devastator.

Wheel Loader is not the only third party Transformer homage to Scrapper. There is also TFClub Structor.

Mixer is not the only third party Transformer homage to Mixmaster. There is also TFClub Madblender.


Maketoys first teased a Devastator homage toy on their web site in June of 2011.[1]

In July of 2011 Maketoys posted the first prototype pictures of the Giant members.[2]

Promotional photos of the Giant prototype included a comparison with FansProject Colossus.


  • Maketoys MT-03C Giant Series Wheel Loader & Mixer (2012)
Original third party Transformer molds made by Maketoys. Transformer from robots to construction vehicles. These toys were recolored into parts of the Giant Type-61 set.



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