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The Waruders are antagonists from the Diaclone toy line, consisting of a set of insectoid robots; these were later used for the Transformers Insecticons, and the Waruders themselves were later incorporated into the Transformers mythos for BotCon 2015.




Fun Publications

In Cybertron's Most Wanted, Axiom Nexus was invaded by a force of Waruders consisting of the following: the black and purple Parasites piloted by the Rippers, the yellow and orange Mudfighters piloted by the Thrashers, the Crusher-piloted Storm Rider drones in pewter and crimson coloring, and the Buzzer piloted white and purple Paralyzer drones.


  • Timelines Waruders (2015)
The Waruder drones and their pilots were all recolored from the Transformers: Generations toys of Waspinator: the Deluxe version and the miniature figure released with Starscream. The Paralyzers' color scheme appears to have been inspired by Bug Bite, while the Parasites appear to have been derived from an unreleased Transformers: Universe repaint of Waspinator. Each of the Waruders are named for members of the Dreadnoks, villains from the G.I. Joe franchise.