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Waka Voice
Original author(s) Sqing Solutions
Developer(s) Sqing Solutions
Initial release January 1, 2021; 2 years ago (2021-01-01)
Written in Java
Operating system Android, iOS, Windows
Available in English
Type Hangout
Website wakavoice.com

Waka Voice is a virtual hangouts software developed by Sqing Solutions.[1] The users can easily text chat, add their friends, and establish groups in addition to having access to the voice rooms there.[2] The Waka Voice app is easy to use and gives funny and inventive gifts. The Waka voice app would also help the users to make their presence felt to the world and showcase their skills using Waka's voice.[3]


Waka Voice is an app created by Sqing Solutions for virtual hangouts. Users of the new chat room software will have a unique opportunity to grow their online networks and meet new people quickly.[4]

Users of the Waka voice app will also be able to use Waka's voice to introduce themselves to the world and display their talents. Sqing is well known for its effectiveness and integrity and offers a wide range of beneficial services.[5]

The Waka Voice app is really easy to use. Users can text chat, add friends, and establish groups in addition to having access to the voice rooms there. The Waka voice app users can even upgrade their accounts to VIP profiles. Besides, there is an option even to buy special features such as follow buttons and emojis.[6]


Sonu Raju, the company creator and founder of Sqing Solutions Private Limited had the original concept for the Waka voice. Sonu Raju started the business in August 2021.[7]

Sonu Raju is from a middle-class family that is fairly typical of India. Sonu Raja was born and raised by his parents, two brothers, and grandparents in Kothamangalam. He obtained a health diploma from CMR University in Bangalore. Sonu Raja is currently a successful businessman.


Sqing Solutions, an IT company, is the parent company of Waka Voice. It is a corporation with a Kerala base that offers several SaaS services. The Sqing Solutions company provides mobile application operations in India in several local dialects.[8]

Sqing Solutions has grown to be a significant player in the Indian market for international trade. The company offers reseller programs for business growth all over India, assistance for different communities, and mobile application operations in the country in several regional vernacular languages.

Their main services are web development, UI/UX design, marketing, and application development. A wide range of experience and a successful track record will enable your website and users to meaningfully engage with your offering.

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