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Vivek Pandey
Born 21 april 1994
Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, India
Occupation RTI Activist, Freelance journalist, MBBS & Youtuber

Vivek Pandey is an Indian RTI Activist, Freelance Journalist, MBBS, Whistelblower and youtuber. He has filed more then 600 RTIs to different government departments of india. His work came into light in year 2018, when he exposed NEET JEE students Data leak scam. His RTI has revealed different irregularities in government department of India.

Vivek pandey is working as verified freelance journalist He is known for writing articles on social,political and educational issues. He is very well known YouTuber with more then 30000+ subscribers in his Youtube channel named Vivek pandey he is making video's on educational and aweareness topics to guide medical students and citizens of India. He is one the youngest RTI activist in India And till date filed more then 600+ RTIs. Vivek pandey has written more the 40+ articles for different digital Media House's like Youth Ki Awaaz , Opindia and voice of margins.

Early life

He was born in a small town in maugung of district Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh to a middle-class family. His primary education started from Kendriya Vidyalaya,Udaipur, Rajasthan. From childhood he was so fascinated by Indian politics. He completed his high secondary education from Madhya Pradesh.

Protest at CBSE Office

He came into light and got recognized as a student rights activist after a protest held at CBSE office New Delhi in year 2016 Preet Vihar. He was leading a small group of students who came to CBSE office demanding answers of their questions regarding NEET 2 paper leak issue.[1]

Exposed Neet data leak scam

In year 2028 He started finding lots of irregularities in examination and soon he noticed that the Data of NEET- JEE aspirant s are being sold of online websitesz so he took a step in order to exposed this scam. He has found more than 15 websites who are selling NEET and JEE aspirants data online so he has given all details to different news papers and Media houses in order to expose this NEET data leak scam.[2][3] In 2019 he again filed a compliant in CBI bhopal[4] against websites who are solding NEET, JEE aspirants data.[5]

As data leak is breach to privacy of students and their family personal information. Even after After many complaints to police and other investigating agencies no action has been taken against data leak scam. Again in year 2020 he sent complaint letter to CBI[6] seeking investigation on NEET JEE data leak scam. As per current information delhi crime branch is doing investigation on this scam. He has filed numerous RTIs to get details of current ongoing inf.Ivestigation on his complaint.[7]

NEET Seat Booking Scam

He is Whistleblower of MBBS seat booking scam. In 2018 he also raised questions on counselling process of Karnataka state. toppers of NEET examination who can easily get government medical college seat in India. In order to block seats in private medical college's are taking part in counselling process of Private medical institution. after successful blocking seats in second or third round of counselling they leave their medical seats. Further these medical seats are sold by brokers on donation basis.[8]


To bring awareness towards RTI act in India , He has written a book. He is author of book "RTI act 2005 simplified Voice of Rights" his 1st book was published in December 18 2021.

RTI Activism Journey

In year 2017 he started his work as a RTI activist. his main aim is to bring transparency in work of government. He has filed his 1st RTI to CBSE new delhi seeking information of NEET 2 paper leak case status details. Then there is series of RTIs to almost every government departments of India. In 2020 edex of indian express has taken a small interview[9] on his RTI work.

In year 2020 he has reveals big details of NEET examination application form fees, due to his RTI work people get to know NTA has collected 200 crores rupees[10] in the form of application form fees. NEET examining is taken by government of India and this much amount of examination fees collection make it questionable. many more news are published by edex Indian express[11] based on information given by him.

In November 2020 his filed RTI reveals Centre got information on coronavirus on January 11: Government replies to RTI activist Vivek Pandey[12] one of his RTI reveals' that Delhi state government has spent 659.02 crores[13] rupees over advertisement. Delhi is capital of India and this amount of wastage of money over advertisement is criticized by all other political parties in India. Currently delhi government is ruled by aam admi party and arvind kejriwal is chief minister of delhi state. One of his RTI also reveals amount of fund Delhi government[14] gets to fight COVID-19 pandemic.[15][16][17][18][19][20] In March 2021 India has faced 2nd wave of corona virus and Delhi state was one the top most state which is reporting maximum number of corona virus cases. this time his very important RTI reveal's information that Delhi government didn't buy any ventilator.this RTI is mentioned in delhi high court " Delhi High Court says there is a complete failure and it is very clear that systems are not in place HC remarks came when an advocate tells the bench that according to an RTI reply, Delhi Govt did not procure ventilators purchased in the last six months[21] to fight against corona virus after 1st wave was finished.[22][23][24][25][26] Again in month of April his RTI revels another big information of wastage of corona virus vaccine in India.[27] Over 44 lakh COVID vaccine doses wasted till April 11, 2021. this news spread like a fire every where. information based on his revelation is also covered by international media houses.[28][29][30][31][32][33] Honorable delhi high court has also given statement on this RTI findings and strongly criticized government for wastage of corona virus vaccine.


An RTI filed by activist Vivek Pandey has revealed that over 75% (1680.74 crore) of the total 2223.57 crore for free testing and treatment for COVID-19 was utilised by five south Indian states.

As per National Health Authority, approximately 17.73 Lakh tests and approx. 6.05 Lakh treatments have been authorized under Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB PM-JAY) for COVID-19 related infections as of 31st May 2021[35]

The RTI application, filed by activist Vivek Pandey in Madhya Pradesh Gaupalan Evam Pashu Samvardhan Board, had sought the details of funds spent on cows from 2015 to 2020. In reply, the board said that the state government had spent Rs 5.42 crore on total 28 cowsheds of Bhopal for procuring fodder and maintenance in the last five years with more than 32% of the funds transferred to the VHP cowshed. The cowshed was allocated the highest amount, Rs 37 lakh, in 2017, followed by Rs 32 lakh in 2019.

Despite receiving Rs 180 crore from the government, the authorities at the zoo in the national capital have spent only Rs 66.29 lakh on the treatment of animals, reveals an RTI reply.

In the RTI reply to activist Vivek Pandey, the zoo authorities said 456 animals died in the last three years and only a part of the money received in 10 years was spent on the medical treatment of the animals.

According to the RTI reply, the Delhi Zoo has received Rs 180 crore from the government in the last 10 years and a mere Rs 66.29 lakh has been spent on the treatment of animals.


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