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Vitor Campos Ponishare-verified.png
Born February 18, 1982 (1982-02-18) (age 42)
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
Nationality Brazilian
Occupation Entrepreneur
Organization Tabular Dados, Ponte Futuro
Height 1,58

Vitor Campos Miguel Neves (February 18, 1982) is a coach and entrepreneur.


[1]Vitor Campos Miguel Neves is an internationally recognized Coach, with international certifications such as: BCI – Behavioral Coaching Institute; ECA – European Coaching Association and GCC – Global Coaching Community; IAC – International Association of Coaching and two national certifications: Behavioral Analyst – Instituto Brasileiro de Coaching (IBC) together with UFMG and CPA 10 – Anbima Financial Analyst Certification.

Graduated in Information Systems and Post-Graduated in People Management with Coaching, he worked in the financial market for more than 9 years, as a manager for more than 4 years at Itáu Unibanco Holding, leading the operational sector team, developing skills and abilities in group. He is currently Director of Ponte Futuro Coaching.

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