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Vinicius Gambeta
Born February 10, 1995 (1995-02-10) (age 29)
Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Nationality Brazilian
Occupation Entrepreneur, Content Creator, Podcaster, Strategic planning specialist, and and CEO of 2TREND
Organization 2TREND

Vinicius Gambeta (born February 10th, 1995) is a content creator, podcaster, strategic planning specialist, and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil.[1][2]

Career & LifeStyle

Vinicius has been undertaking since he was 18 years old. When he and his partner, Gabriel Pereira, founded the advertising agency 2TREND. Focused on providing digital marketing services.

In 2018, Vinicius sold his share of 2TREND to dedicate himself to his studies in Canada. At the time, he and his wife, Carolina Beatriz de Mesquita, founded another company, Agência de Bolso. Where he teaches courses in the communication and marketing field.

In 2020, Vinicius became a partner at a Startup Called Aquela Caixa. A subscription community for marketeers that has the proposal to deliver “virtual content boxes” to subscribers. The project has grown rapidly.

Throughout his career, Vinicius specialized in making marketing planning, which led him to assume the position of head of strategy at Reportei, in 2021. A Startup that works with the issuance of social media reports.[3][4]


Vinicius studied throughout elementary school in public schools. At the age of 14, when he entered high school, he began studying at the Escola Técnica Tupy UNISOCIESC. Where he got a certificate as a Computer Technician. In 2022, Vinicius starts his E-commerce and Online Business Management course at Trebas Institute, in the province of Quebec – Canada. Where he currently lives with his family.


In 2014, Vinicius participated in Campus Party Brazil, where he had the opportunity to participate in a creativity contest by the Chinese company Baidu. Vinicius’ suggestions were accepted by the company, and he won a 7-day internship at the company’s headquarters in Beijing, China.


In 2021, Vinicius co-authored with his wife and partner, Carolina, his first book: “How to make people love brands”. In this book, the authors discussed techniques and best practices for working the relationship between customers and companies.


In recent years, Vinicius has stood out as a speaker at major events in the Brazilian market, making speeches at RD Summit, RD Hostel, CMO Summit, Pixel Show, Conexão King Host, Great Summit, etc.

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