Villiers Sankey

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Villiers Sankey
Villiers Sankey, Toronto's first Surveyor General.
Villiers Sankey, Toronto's first Surveyor General.
Born October 3, 1853[1]
Brookeboro, County Fermanagh, Ireland
Died July 10, 1905(1905-07-10) (aged 51)
Kenora, Ontario
Nationality United Kingdom, Canada
Occupation Surveyor, Civil Servant
Known for maps and surveys of Toronto and other areas in Ontario

Villiers Sankey was a military officer and surveyor, known for maps and plans from the turn of the 19th century, in Toronto, Canada.[2] In 1872 he was appointed to the British Indian Civil Service.[1]

He moved to Canada around 1875, where he studied to be a land surveyor.[1][3]

In 1888 he was appointed Toronto's first Surveyor General, a position he held until early 1905.[1][2][3] On July 10, 1905 Sankey was leading a team surveying a route for a new National railway, near Kenora, Ontario. A sudden change of weather while his canoe was crossing Manitou Lake swamped his canoe, and Sankey and another man drowned.


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