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Vickash Ushindi Beni Katulanya, popularly known as Vickash Beni Kat is a dance instructor and choreographer.[1][2] Vickash discovered his passion for dance quiet ahead in life, when he was 10 years old of age.

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Background information
Birth name Vickash Ushindi Beni Katulanya
Born 16 October 1999 (1999-10-16) (age 22)
Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Dance instructor
  • choreographer
  • performer
  • model
Years active 2010–present

Early life and education

Vickash Beni Kat was born in 1999 in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo. He attended a school in Uganda for his high school education where he lived for 8 years before going to Norway with his parents. Vickash attended his kindergarten and primary classes in Congo. Currently, he is a second-year student pursuing a nursing course in Norway.

Being raised in a conventional Christian family, he gradually got to know that it was not going to be a cakewalk to pursue his passion, as it’s not the typical career choice. For his parents, he was s upposed to pursue a career in line with Christian upbringing. His idea of dancing was therefore an obvious impossibility not to be welcomed by his parents. He grew up looking up to Odongkara Emmanuel as his role model in choreography.[3]


Vickash Beni Kat has been dancing since he was 10 years of age, which technically is more than half of his life. One can only imagine the intensity of drive and dedication he has for this form of art, that he dedicated most of it to master this skill. Following his passion hasn’t been a cakewalk for him either but as they say, "if you have what it takes, nobody can stop you".[4]

Vickash is living his dream life where he follows his passion, which is Dance. He has taught more than 400 students in his Paris workshop for a week with unbelievable success and plans on doing dance tours in different parts of the world in the near future. Vickash is also one of the very proud participants of the very first World Aids Day Flash mob organized by Uganda Cares at Colvin Street - Kampala road, which was aimed at changing the narrative of young people living with HIV.[5][6]

Vickash has immense belief in the young talent and intends to raise more of it by training maximum number of youth interested to pursue Dance as a profession. He is deeply inspired by Odongkara Emmanuel and finds him innovative and creative something that he consistently imbibed to keep improving.[7]

Vickash is a stern believer of progress not perfection, and teaches the same to his students. Ten years of dancing and teaching has led him to believe in the power of consistent efforts. If something has the power to fill your soul with joy, there is no reason to not follow it.[8]


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