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Impossible Toys character
Valkyrie box
Created by

Impossible Toys
Release number

Species Transformer

Alternate mode

Cybertronian car

Tech specs

ST06 IN08 SP08 EN05

RN07 CO08 FB06 SK07

Valkyrie is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Arcee made by Impossible Toys in 2010.

Impossible Toys

Valkyrie is third-party Transformer character created by Impossible Toys as an homage to the Transformers character Arcee. Valkyrie was the function of the 2001 Universe Arcee toy.

From her tech specs Valkyrie is intelligent, fast and brave. She turns into a Cybertronian car.

The biography for Alicon mentions how Valkyrie was captured by the Alicons, but was repaired by Medic and fought her way free.

Other third-party Arcee homages include A.R.C., Delicate Warrior and RC.


Prototype images of Valkyrie/Medic first appeared on the internet in August 2009.[1] Later than month Impossible toys posted renders of Valkyrie on their web site with a letter to fans about their comments.[2]

Valkyrie and Medic went on preorder in June 2010.[3] They shipped later that month.


In the WTF@TFW podcast for August 9th, 2009 a vehicle mode prototype of Valkyrie was selected as one of the New Picture Picks by Gogdog. The hosts said Valkyrie looked neat and said it had a lot of potential.[4]

The TFormers Podcast for August 16th, 2009 discussed the Valkyrie renders in the news.[5]

In the WTF@TFW podcast for May 27th, 2010 pictures Valkyrie were selected as one of the New Picture Picks by Seth. They thought the car mode was great, but thought the pink was too flat colored.[6]

TFcon comics

Valkyrie has a cameo in the TFcon 2010 comic. In the story Nightbird and Anarchy attempt to steal the Master Cannons from the Autobots. Anarchy flies Nightbird to spaceship Maximus where she sneaks past the Autobots Canadian Patriot, R.E.V., Powered Commander, Deep Cover, Proto and Flash. She kills Flamethrower to get to the Master Sword. She uses the sword to reformat her body to a form based on Valkryie, then returns to Anarchy.[7]


  • Impossible Toys TRNS-01 Valkyrie (2010)
An original third-party Transformer mold by Impossible Toys. Turns from robot to car. Come with instructions and two guns. Shares a mold with Medic. The back of the box features tech spec information and a picture of Valkyrie and Medic fighting Quint-02, Quint-03 and Quint-05.
This toy was remolded into Nightbird.



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