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Vương Xuân Nguyên
Vương Xuân Nguyên
Portrait of journalist Vuong Xuan Nguyen
Native name Vương Xuân Nguyên
Residence Quoc Oai
Nationality VietNam
Occupation Journalist
Known for Journalist

Vuong Xuan Nguyen, born in May 7th 1980, is a journalist (under the pen name Quyet Tuan). He was born Cong Hoa commune, Quoc Oai district, Hanoi. Currently, he is the Managing Editor of the Journal of Rural Development Science, Head of the Special Topic Division of the Culture and Development e-magazine, Director of the Institute of Contemporary Culture and Arts.


He is the third child in a poor farmer family in Phu Quoc, on the outskirts of Hanoi. From a young age, Vuong Xuan Nguyen was known as a diligent and studious boy. Compassionate towards his hardworking parents, he worked various jobs outside school hours to earn money for tuition fees and to support his family. During his university years in Hanoi, Vuong Xuan Nguyen also worked part-time as a tutor and waiter to cover his tuition and living expenses. He eventually graduated with a Master's degree in Economics and Banking. Currently, Vuong Xuan Nguyen is the Chief Editor of the Journal of Rural Development Science, Head of the Special Topic Division of the Culture and Development e-magazine, Director of the Institute of Contemporary Culture and Arts. Additionally, he actively participates in numerous activities organized by the Viet Nam Rural Development Science Association (PHANO), the Viet Nam Journalists Association, the Hanoi Ornamental Creatures Club, and the Hanoi Karatedo Club.


In 2002, after graduating from the Banking Academy of Viet Nam, he turned down a high-paying job offer from a foreign tourism corporation in Lao Cai. Instead, he chose to stay in Ha Noi to work and pursue higher studies. He joined the Viet Nam Center for Conservation and Development of Ornamental Creatures and worked under journalist Do Phuong at the Viet Nam Huong Sac magazine until 2016. During this period, he had the opportunity to interact closely with several seasoned revolutionaries who were close to and aided President Ho Chi Minh, namely: General Vo Nguyen Giap, Professor Vu Khieu, journalist Đo Phuong, former General Secretary Đo Muoi, Nguyen Van Tran, Cu Van Chuoc, and many many other intellectuals working at the Thang Long Club, the Fatherland Front of Viet Nam, and the Viet Nam Ornamental Creatures Association. This was an incredibly valuable opportunity for him to enhance his professional growth in journalism, shaping him into an editorial voice who is deeply connected to numerous practical and effective community activities later on. Then, journalist Do Phuong, former Member of the Party Central Committee and former General Director of Viet Nam News Agency (VNA), along with comrade Nguyen Van Tran, former Secretary of the Party Central Committee were leading the Viet Nam Ornamental Creatures Association. They entrusted the multiple significant tasks to young intellectuals like journalist Vuong Xuan Nguyen. Those included developing a project to strengthen the role of the Tree Planting Festival (which was initiated by Uncle Ho in the 1960s). Another project was on promoting the role of the longstanding tradition of ornamental creature appreciation, with the goal to elevate ornamental creature cultivation into an ecological economic sector, contributing significantly to rural economic development, fostering tourism, environmental conservation, and enhancing the aesthetic landscape of historical landmarks. He was also appointed as the reporter his agency at the Information Center of Information and Education (an agency of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Information and Education, 2008-2015). He collaborated with Mr. Cu Van Chuoc, assistant of President Ho Chi Minh at the Presidential Palace, in collecting numerous valuable materials about Uncle Ho. Moreover, he was a member of the special envoy delegation representing the Prime Minister at the commemoration ceremony of the 60th anniversary of the reign of the King of Thailand in 2006.


With the fervor of youth, a passion for journalism, and a deep concern for rural development, journalist Vương Xuân Nguyên has published hundreds of articles and actively engaged in various initiatives during the transition of ornamental creature appreciation from a cultural pastime to a pivotal industry in our country's agricultural and rural development. He helped with drafting the Prime Minister's Directive on ornamental creature economic development in 2004, the Party Standing Committee’s Directive on elevating ornamental creatures into a high-value ecological economic sector in 2009, and organizing the scientific workshop on Uncle Ho's connection with nature and ornamental creatures in 2010. Furthermore, through various social organizations, he actively collaborated with multiple agencies to organize seminars of different scales on the topic “Strengthening the role of Ornamental Creatures in the Development of new-style rural, civilized urban area”. Thanks to these meaningful activities, the perception of the importance of ornamental creatures has gradually shifted among government agencies and the public. Many localities have successfully integrated ornamental creature activities into the building and development of new-style rural, civilized urban area. In 2017, journalist Vuong Xuan Nguyen transfered to Life and Law Newspaper (Báo Đời sống và Pháp luật), The Reporter e-newspaper (Báo điện tử Người Đưa tin). In this professional journalism environment, he has had numerous opportunities for professional growth and engagement in his line of work. He made a significant impact within the journalism community through a series of investigative reports, shedding light on various negative occurrences, and advocating for social justice. During this period, he authored numerous in-depth editorial pieces on the subjects of learning from and following the ethical legacy of Ho Chi Minh, highlighting the sentiment of General Vo Nguyen Giap toward various social strata, and delivering emotionally moving articles about numerous revolutionaries, intellectuals, and exemplary scientists who made significant contributions to the nation throughout different historical periods. Some standout articles include: "The Sacred Will of Uncle Ho Forever Guides Our Path"; "Uncle Ho and the Tree Planting Tet of Sixty Years Ago"; "General Vo Nguyen Giap: The elder brother of the military, eternally cherished in the hearts of peace-loving people "; "Professor Dao Duy Anh: From patriotic revolutionary to accomplished scholar"; "Professor Vu Khieu - a vibrant genius, radiating brilliance and a noble soul"; "The exemplary mother figure of two outstanding Vietnamese intellectuals, Ms. Sam Pho…" These pieces eloquently capture the essence and contributions of these remarkable figures in Vietnamese history. In 2020, journalist Vuong Xuan Nguyen switched his workplace to the Journal of Rural Development Science. Working with scientists at the Institute for Cultural Research and Development, and the Viet Nam Rural Development Science Association, they have made significantly contributions to various documents and policies concerning rural development, emphasizing cultural elements in the nation's building and development amidst the increasing demands of digital transformation and international integration. Moreover, during this period, Vuong Xuan Nguyen developed a media ecosystem called Pháp luật và Thời đại (Law and Times) to support the artisan community, entrepreneurs, and garden owners in overcoming challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Recently, partnering with his wife, Meritorious Artist Huong Giang, the journalist focused on multiple projects aimed at developing core and folk music while initiating various community projects through the Institute of Contemporary Culture and Arts. Among these, several artistic music videos have been highly praised by the public, namely: “The departing words of Uncle Ho (Lời Bác dặn trước lúc đi xa); Truong Sa is not that far (Gần lắm Trường Sa); Confessions of a Journalist (Tâm sự Người làm báo), and Hanoi, Sacred and Elegant (Hà Nội linh thiêng hào hoa)... Not only recognized as a passionate writer and an incessant community activist, but journalist Vuong Xuan Nguyen is alsso known as an expert offers heartfelt opinions on various economic, cultural, and social issues on numerous television programs. Notable instances include interviews and talk shows on topics like mutant orchid, million-dollar ornamental plants, tree cutting in Hanoi, digital transformation... Additionally, he also wrote books and scientific, journalistic publications. His notable publications include works such as "Uncle Ho with Nature and Ornamental Creatures" (2010), "General Vo Nguyen Giap in the Hearts of the People" (2019), "Wonders of Nature and the Human Heritage" (2020), "A Glimpse of the New Countryside in Hanoi" (2022), "Smart Urban Agriculture Development in the Southeast Region" (2022), and "Telling Stories of Uncle Ho" (2023). Particularly, the book "Uncle Ho with Nature and Ornamental Creatures" primarily comprises materials that he closely corroborated and verified with Mr. Cu Van Chuoc. Moreover, he gained recognition for his martial arts studies under Tiana Alexandra, a disciple of the legendary Bruce Lee. He also had the opportunity to train in Karatedo with renowned martial artists both domestically and internationally, including Japanese master Masao Kagawa, and other Vietnamese masters like Pham Quoc Trong, Nguyen Hoang Ngan, Duong Hoang Long For his positive contributions to journalism, media, ornamental creatures, and rural development in Vietnam, journalist Vương Xuân Nguyên has received several accolades and awards from various entities, including commendations from the Central Committee's Party Bloc in 2007, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in 2016, the Hanoi People's Committee in 2021, and the Central Committee of the Vietnam Journalists Association with the Commemorative Medal for the Vietnamese Press in 2022, along with numerous other recognitions from different ministries and departments. For his active contributions to journalism, media, ornamental creatures, and rural development in Viet Nam, journalist Vương Xuân Nguyên has received several accolades and awards from various governmental agencies, including certificates of merit from the Party Organisation of the Central Agencies’ Bloc in 2007, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in 2016, the Ha Noi People's Committee in 2021. In 2022, he received the Commemorative Medal "For the cause of Viet Nam's journalism" from Executive Committee of the Viet Nam Journalists Association, along with numerous other recognitions from different ministries and departments.