Võ Thị An Trường

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Võ Thị An Trường

Entrepreneur Info
Native name Võ Thị An Trường
Born 06 July, 1993
Cai Lay, Viet Nam
Nationality Viet Nam
Occupation Marketing
Years active 2022
Known for CEO
Height 171 cm

Võ Thị An Trường (born 06 July, 1993 in Cai Lay) As a Vietnamese businessman, well known as Marketing Manager.


Võ Thị An Trường studied at the School of Theater and Cinema in 2012 majoring in graphic design and after many years. She has continued to develop her career with a job in communications and brand management for a large corporation.

Currently, she is one of the members of Phu Quang Group company specializing in the field of manufacturing and trading motorcycle saddles.


Võ Thị An Trường creative efforts and persistence with the path of self-development. When she was a student, she carried out many successful projects in the field of branding and collaborated with many large enterprises in Vietnam.

Vo Thi An Truong has very well combined her Website design skills and maximum effective application from her SEO experience to significantly increase the rankings for the website she made. In addition, with her own professional skills, she creates eye-catching layouts, content and images to attract customers for stores, large shops, etc., plus attractive personality, sharp images and attitude. serious work. With a passion for fashion, she also opened her own office fashion brand called Andora. The shop mainly sells online women's fashion items.

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